Agent 69 Dezyred by VR Bangers games

New Dezyred game just released: Agent 69

New Dezyred game—Agent 69—just released🎉

This is how VR Bangers summarizes their VR porn game efforts:

– First EVER real VR Porn games
– Only you decide what happens next
– Epic 8K UHD quality
– Hottest Pornstars
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In this new game, you get to fuck Ana Foxx, Katie Morgan and Maddy May. I like that line-up! Obviously there’s the whole spy theme complete with tuxedos, cocktail dresses and some exotic locations. It’s clear Bangers didn’t cut any corners on this and really invested heavily. Beautiful stuff!

And, I’m really looking forward to observing how VR Bangers further innovates in the VR porn game space. I would expect them to be one of the early entrants to jump into the AR games arena…that’s just my speculation.

You know, I’ve discussed before about how Bangers often isn’t credited for their influential and very early entry into the VR porn industry. But, they should be remembered for that and also for their pioneering with these 3D erotic games.


Here’s the video trailer for Agent 69 Dezyred by VR Bangers:

Go get Dezyred Agent 69 now and start fucking Ana, Katie and Maddy!

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