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Who’s Virtual Papi?

This is how Virtual Papi describes themselves at VR Porn: “Virtual Papi is the brand new Italian VR Porn Studio! Wear your headset and live the experience of being a huge cock owner fucking the hottest Italian girls such as Myriam d’Anna, Alessia Demciuc, Giulia Truce & many more…!”

This is what they say at POVR: “Virtual Papi is the brand new Italian VR Porn Studio! Wear your headset and live the experience of being a huge cock owner fucking the hottest Italian girls!”

Okay, so we’re dealing with a new, primarily B/G VR porn studio based out of Italy. That’s a starting point.

Number of scenes?

Over on VR porn right now there’s 9 scenes.

And, they offer 5 scenes at POVR.

They don’t appear to have a website. They also don’t appear to have a Twitter account.

For starters, I recommend that they get both. Whenever I see a studio without these basic tools, I immediately question their business acumen. If you’re not motivated to draw attention to yourselves…well, why is that?

And, it makes me wonder: why should I care more than you?

Musings aside: we do VR porn studio reviews. And, if you’re releasing VR porn movies, Findvrporn will render a judgment regardless of your neglected marketing.

And, to any new VR porn studios out there, Findvrporn’s been reviewing for over 7 years now. And, if you want your work to get some attention/awareness rolling, then use the contact form. I’ll tell you this: The reviews are fair and follow a well articulated and objective set of principles.

The Women of Virtual Papi?

So far, the Papi gang has shot scenes with Diana Zilli, Sabrina Ice, Alessia Demciuc, Giulia Truce, Myrian D’Anna, Juiswild and Gaia Evans. I’m going to tell you something. I like Giulia Truce. A LOT! She has a special knack for getting me horny. While she’s certainly attractive: she’s also not the best looking woman you’ve ever seen, but you watch her in Due Contro Uno and…I’m thinking, “I want to intensely thrust my hotdog at her ravioli!” That’s also an indication that Virtual Papi—to my surprise—really pulled something off with that scene.

The je ne sais quoi  of the male libido vis-à-vis VR porn

…Giulia really gets me thinking about the je ne sais quoi of sexuality. Really, the je ne sais quoi  of the male libido. This is an intriguing topic, and it’s really not an irrelevant tangent to a discussion about why a VR porn scene is effective. I’d argue that it’s actually a fundamentally important aspect that should be given much more consideration.

I’d argue that some studios are better than others at intuitively understanding the je ne sais quoi  of the male libido. I’m feeling the Papi gang just kind of gets it. But, let’s move along to the costar Alessia…

Cowgirl threesome Virtual Papi style

Cowgirl threesome Virtual Papi style

Alessia Demciuc: she’s pretty damn horny, too. A redhead who’s thick-in-a-good-way with a substantial ass: works for me and my little friend!

Image quality/clarity of Virtual Papi?

VP’s releasing scenes in up to 6K. Readers here know, though, not to get too hung-up on that number. There are a lot of factors that contribute to a VR porn scenes’ optical quality. I go by what my eyes see. And, the image quality/clarity of Virtual Papi—for me—is just good enough to pass the acceptable threshold (as of this writing on October 30, 2022).

Camera positioning skill?

So, Virtual Papi presents a damn interesting case in this VR porn universe of ours. I look at the work. And, objectively I’m seeing all sorts of problems with it.

Due Contro Uno by Virtual Papi starring Alessia and Giulia

Due Contro Uno by Virtual Papi starring Goddess ass Alessia and the very horny Giulia

But, this video Due Contro Uno—with Giulia Gruce and Alessia Demuciuc (what an ass!)—I’ll be damned this thing is fucking horny! It’s flawed in various ways, but I’ll be damned if it’s not one of the horniest VR porn videos I’ve seen all year.

How is that?

The camera positioning was good enough. But, there was room for so much more skillful execution. There was no moving camera. There was no truncation. The lighting was acceptable. There was no attention to the notion of a color palette. The framing, while acceptable, wasn’t great.

Why was this scene so horny to me?

It was because of the performances from Giulia and Alessia. I’ve never seen either mentioned online. I don’t see anybody saying anything about their 3D scene for Papi. Which just goes to show you: there remains a need for Because this studio has a ton of potential.

Now, about Giulia and Alessia. It emphatically demonstrates how fucking important the performer part of the equation is. It can even overcome so many technical shortcomings. Genuine fuck enthusiasm goes so damn far in the world of VR Porn.

Although Virtual Papi does not have a special knack for the technicalities of VR porn; I think they might have a knack for eliciting and capturing sexual fire. I’m going to be watching them.

A Virtual Papi video sample of the scene I liked with Giulia and Alessia

Download this Virtual Papi threesome full-length scene

Video sample of Italian MILF Diana Zilli fucking

Once again, if you watch that preview above, this absolutely is not world-class VR porn optics. But, I watch this scene, and I’ll be damned if I don’t want to pound the hell out of Diana’s tortellini with my Americana bread stick. And, it again demonstrates the art of the VR porn performance and how very far that can take a studio in the creation of a horny VR porn product!

Download this Italian Milf fucking

Intimate presence manifested and maintained?

Yes, almost despite themselves. But, yes…I find these Papi scenes enjoyable despite the problems. This is a damn interesting studio that I’ll be watching. I hope they persevere and make it. Will this end up being the Italian version of CzechVR? You never know. I remember CzechVR when they started, and something about Papi makes me think about them.

Yes. Definitely a studio worth giving a shot. If you watch a scene, leave a comment and share your opinion.

Check out Papi on VR porn

Check out Papi at POVR

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