Tonights Girlfriend VR review

Tonight’s Girlfriend VR Review

Tonights Girlfriend VR Review Metrics
  • Number of scenes / library size - 80%
  • Image Quality / clarity - 95%
  • Camera Positioning Skill - 92%
  • Sexual Positioning / hornyness, variety etc. - 93%
  • Story/ narratives/ emotion - 98%
  • Intimate presence manifested and maintained? - 98%
  • Website design - 97%
  • Price / value for your dollar - 95%

Tonight's Girlfriend VR Summary

As mentioned, it’s the Naughty gang who does these scenes. Their motto is “nobody does it better.” And, the truth is…this is indeed some high-quality girlfriend experience VR porn.

Whether this works for you or not can be reduced to how much you enjoy this intimate, girlfriend experience niche. If it’s your thing and you like conventionally beautiful, famous American porno gals, this if for you.

I grade niche VR porn studios a bit different than the other major studios that have a diverse range of categories. In the case of niche studios, they really don’t have much competition.So, the consumer who wants this has few choices. And, the reviewer doesn’t have as much to compare/contrast against.

And, some of the metrics don’t quite work as well. So, I make some adjustments so things can be fair. For instance, a newer niche studio, in many cases, just isn’t going to have as many scenes as Virtual Real Porn that’s been at it since 2014…So, in this case I knocked it down to 80% for that…

…but, VRP isn’t a GFE niche, so it’s not fair to entirely blow the niche site out of the water on this basis…anyway, that’s one example. It can get a little tricky but I just try to be fair about it. It’s a VR porn review blog. This ain’t a perfect science…


In this case, if you’re looking for girlfriend VR content, I think you could pretty much lose yourself in the immersiveness of this: provided you bring a bit of your own imagination to this.

And, not to put too fine a point on this—which findvrporn tends to do—but, I do believe these scenes are purposely designed this way to be very open-ended and really rather ambiguous.

What do I mean by that?

Well, the dialogue and interactions don’t get too specific. This allows the consumer (ie. 3D wacker) to insert himself into the boyfriend role.

And, if you’re looking for that boyfriend of Goddess fantasy fuck experience: this is the closest you’re going to get to it in 2021. Now, coming within the next ten years will probably be AR and prototype robots, but until then…maybe suck down a few glasses of wine, grab the gizmos, and give these scenes a try.

What is Tonight’s Girlfriend VR?

Good question. Tonight’s Girlfriend is a side project done by Naughty America. The project contains both 2D and 3D porn. Here, of course, we’re mainly interested in the 3D side of things. We want to know what the Tonight’s Girlfriend VR porn scenes are like.

Now, I could tell you a whole lot about the Naughty America VR side of things; but, at this point, after writing about Naughty America VR for the past six years, it’d be easiest if I just link you to the original and continually updated NA review.

So, that review will reveal quite a bit about this Tonight’s Girlfriend project because—in respect to the VR porn technicalities—well, they’re all basically the same.

Now, in respect to the porn niche and aesthetic, you are getting something unique with Tonight’s Girlfriend. You’ll notice that on the TG website, they simply describe themselves as “the ultimate girlfriend experience.”

Diana Grace Tonight's Girlfriend VR Naughty America

Diana Grace Tonight’s Girlfriend VR Naughty America

Number of scenes/Library size/Update frequency

There are presently 31 VR porn scenes and quite a few HD 2D scenes. The two-dimensional porn goes all the way back to 2011.


The VR porn performers on Tonight’s Girlfriend include Brooklyn Gray, Diana Grace, Penelope Kay, Scarlett Mae, Gianna Grey, McKenzie Lee, Eliza Ibarra, Angel Youngs, Gia Derza, Emma Starletto, Penny Archer, Adira Allure, Casca Akashova, Brooke Banner, Kylie Rocket, Kayley Gunner, Quinn Wilde, Ivy LeBelle, and more.

Image quality/clarity

They have up to 6K files, but as we always say over here: don’t get too hung up on the number before the K. There are so many other factors that influence VR porn optics. These are filmed by Naughty America, so you know what you’re getting.

You’re getting a pretty top-notch virtual porn experience by the present October 2021 standards. VR porn optics can really be broken down a lot in numerous ways, but I’ll just say that the VR looks pretty fucking good to my eyes. Clear, realistic, immersive: the necessary elements needed to trick a guy’s brain into thinking that Penelope Kay’s got her legs spread before you.

Penelope Kay Tonight's Girlfriend VR Naughty America

Penelope Kay Tonight’s Girlfriend VR Naughty America

Camera Positioning Skill

So, you get mostly a stationary camera very strictly simulating the boyfriend’s POV. The action very frequently occurs around the center of VR porn’s sweetspot zone. This, needless to say, is exactly what we want in a VR porn experience.

Sexual Positioning Hornyness, Creativity, Variety

You get all the fuck configs you’d expect from Naughty America: it begins with some clothed teasing (much appreciated!) and proceeds through blowjob, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary, doggy, and cumshot. And, there’s some nice close-up pussy posing tossed in along the way.

Speaking of pussy posing: say hi to Penelope Kay:

Penelope Kay doggy style pussy posing

Penelope Kay doggy style pussy posing…
VR porn at its finest!

Squatting on heels cowgirl with Diane

As a little tangent, they had Diane Lawson in a very horny squatting-on-heels cowgirl. I fucking love that! I wish studios would do that more often.

Diane Lawson cowgirls on her heels for Tonight's Girlfriend VR

Diane Lawson cowgirls on her heels for Tonight’s Girlfriend VR


Tonight’s Girlfriend VR best distinguishes itself in respect to the narrative emotion. The viewer is getting girlfriend experience scenarios.

What does girlfriend experience mean?

The porn scene creates a realistic fantasy in which the female star behaves as if she’s YOUR GIRLFRIEND. People pay prostitutes, in real life, to give them a simulated “girlfriend experience.” These VRs are simulating that! So, you lose yourself in the fantasy that a Goddess gal like Penelope Kay is actually your girl. Dream on, my brother! But, the VR headset helps you to dream…

Intimate presence achieved/VR medium’s potential maximized?

Yes, NA hits the mark in this department. That’s basically this studio’s reason for being. And, they do it in this sparse, open-ended way that allows the viewer to easily insert himself in as boyfriend. Effective.

Request for a few moments of face fetish

The only thing that I’d want some more of is the face fetish element. There is some of this. But, I’d like each scene to have a couple more minutes in the opening where the woman’s face is filling the screen.

Price/value for your hard-earned buck?

If you like conventionally beautiful young women and the girlfriend experience porn genre, this is basically a no-brainer for any VR porn enthusiast. Yea, a month costs you 30 bucks, and if you’re a dude who wants 31 world-class, girlfriend experience full-length scenes, you’ll put a 30 dollar charge on your card and smile as you lube up the Fleshlight as the downloads roll in…

Other studios will definitely offer GFE scenes here and there. But, as far as a dedicated studio devoted exclusively to this niche, this is the link to click directly below.

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