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Wake And Bake With Melissa Moore

Hi friends, let’s consider Melissa Moore’s latest Naughty America VR outing, Wake and Bake.

And, we ain’t talking about caramel snickerdoodles here, man!

Wake and Bake, starring Melissa Moore

Wake and Bake, starring Melissa Moore. Once again, kudos to the Naughty America graphic artists… these guys consistently do a great job

So, lately NA’s VRs have been getting much discussed here.


Well, in my opinion, NA’s technical competence—filming techniques, camera placement, how the movie’s ultimately rendered—has shown a marked improvement from March 2017 onward.

The summary’s that the work simply feels more right to me.

The size, width, and an on-point sense of spatial correctness throughout the complete frame has improved to my eyes.

Now, with these VR porns there’s room to disagree. People visually experience them differently. No way around that.

And, people want different content.

If I were King of California, I’d extend Sami Parker’s solo leotard tease to twenty-five minutes; throw in five minutes of dildo bouncing; call it a day and nominate the thing for my personal 1st Place Pick in the FindVRporn.com 2017 VR Porn Movie Awards presented by FindVRporn in conjunction with Oculus NSFW voting.

Sami Parker in her yoga leotard

Oh, Sami baby!

Those awards will be here before you know it, folks.

So, Melissa Moore. I believe I last saw her Naughty VR with Riley Reid doing horny tennis stuff.

Balls Deep Naughty America promo graphic

Balls Deep promotional graphic

And, as pictured below, horny tongue stuff…

Riley Reid Melissa Moore header pic

Melissa and Riley in a tennis-themed VR porn from NA

So, how has this young lady subsequently changed? How has Naughty America’s methods progressed? How is your life going, man? Are the pills working okay?

Still not funny

Melissa Moore in a cute outfit

Melissa Moore in a cute outfit

The Specs


Studio: Naughty America VR
Title: Wake and Bake: A Virtual Reality Experience Starring Melissa Moore
Release Date: April 20, 2017
Stars: Melissa Moore, Seth Gamble
Length: 37 minutes
Main sex positions: smoking a fancy pipe, face close-up, kissing, doggy style posing, cowgirl (reverse, sideways, forward facing), doggy style, missionary, missionary push-forward.
Formats: ; Android Cardboard Smartphone (60fps and 30 fps); Oculus/Vive (high and low quality versions); Samsung Gear; 2D.
Genre: Hardcore sex VR porn,um, marijuana-themed VR porn??
Reviewed using: Gear VR + Galaxy S7
Software used: Deo VR and Milk VR
Synopsis: (partial) “Puff, puff, GIVE!

Your girlfriend Melissa Moore is making sure you’re not fuckin’ up the rotation today! She’s celebrating 4/20 with a little wake and bake this morning, but that’s not all!

Ms. Moore in the midst of a wake and bake

Ms. Moore in the midst of a wake and bake

After a few tokes, she’s feeling nice and warmed up and ready to fuck, so wake up your dick and let her sit on it!”

Melissa Moore shows tits

Oh, Melissa baby

The Melissa Moore Wake and Bake VR Preview and Download

Download: Melissa Moore Wake and Bake Teaser Preview

The Horny

You bring out the best in a man: Now, this might sound off-topic. But, we’re flexible.

What the hell am I getting at?

Melissa Moore in lime green panties


Well, it sounds sappy, but there are truly some gals who bring out the best in a guy.

I’ve seen it, man! I’ve even experienced it…um…once.

Those particular women understand how to bolster-up a dude…how to talk to him…how to make him the best man he can be…

Now, while that may sound corny as all hell: the corny factor doesn’t stop it from being true.

Melissa Moore pulls her panties down

Oh, goodness gracious, here comes the panty pull

So, while I watched Melissa…while I heard her speak to her VR boyfriend…and, how she said those things…she struck me like the type of woman who could nurture a fella’s deepest potential.

And, as this is a GFE (girlfriend experience) type outing: it’s relevant. It’s a way of saying she embodied the girlfriend role. That ain’t easy to do in porn movies.

Melissa Moore fancy socks naked

Fancy socks to match the fancy smoking gizmo

And, the girlfriend experience physical/touching/dialogue aspects: very well done, Ms. Moore.

The 420 Stuff: All right, this is a fun theme. And, man…what kind of high-tech pipes they got out there in Los Angeles, man!

Melissa Moore smoking weed in a VR porn movie

In a cloud of 420 smoke

Various Close-ups and Horny Posing: yep, you get that in this release.

Melissa Moore poses doggy style with her panties to the side

This is an effective pose!

The Optics of the Sex Positions: All right, let’s start with the cowgirling.

Melissa Moore cowgirl action

Melissa Moore cowgirl action

To my eyes: The standard cowgirl had the desired immediacy etc. Melisssa leaned-in at points, leaned back, upright: this is how it’s done.

Ms. Moore with a stylish cowgirl

Ms. Moore with a stylish cowgirl

The reverse and sideways felt slightly distant. Those positions are a challenge in VR because if the director wants to keep the immersive quality that means the man’s chest must also be in view…

…however, reverse cowgirl doesn’t so easily facilitate the woman leaning backwards (towards the man’s face), thus there’s distance.

Melissa Moore reverse cowgirl


We have seen a few previous examples where the director does manage to get the woman twisty-turvy backwards to the camera, and those examples I find more engaging.

Here’s a picture of the—rarely seen in VR—sideways cowgirl.

Melissa Moore sideways cowgirl

Ms. Moore goes sideways

I sometimes wonder if POV should be occasionally switched-up a bit.

The doggy style section was quite good. A tad bit narrow to my eyes.

And, in my opinion, Seth could have been pulled down further in the frame.

Melissa Moore doggy style

Ms. Moore doggies

Also, I think it’d be good for the man to do the midsection-suck-in technique here: because, this gives the viewer a clearer, visual perspective in the instances where the gal’s ass is banging against the fella’s groin region.

For me, the Richelle Ryan doggy still remains the reference: width, general sizing, proximity, overall gravity, etc.

Richelle Ryan doggy

In the doggy style segment, the width and overall VR gravity were pretty much the best I’ve seen

The standout-sexual section, without a doubt, was the Missionary-Push-Forward. Without a doubt. Optically beautiful!

Melissa Moore pushes forward during misssionary sex

Missionary push forward or cowgirl-missionary hybrid.. or whatever you call it: this position works very damn well in virtual porn movies


Well, it’s everything you want. Immediate. Scaled properly throughout the entire frame. And, the woman’s face is pushed close to the camera.

Wake and Bake Wrap-up

A convincing and endearing GFE portrayal from Ms. Moore.

The missionary push-forward was off the chains horny.

And, the movie offered some good close-up work, horny positioning and measures fine on the wackability index.

I mean, hey…look at the pic below. You’re at an advantage when you’ve got this to work with!

Melissa Moore shoves pussy out

Oh, yes… this is a good subject to work with

I wouldn’t mind seeing the NA rig go roving a bit for some close-up scans when Melissa had on the sexy panty outfit. That I actually would really like to see.

I’m sort of waiting for an NA experimental release that breaks rules: incorporating traditional VR porn POV, switching to very close-up 3rd person perspectives, body scanning, and just totally mixing-up the camera perspectives and editing it all together.

Melissa Moore missionary

Nice work, Melissa

And, I’d like to see the doggy style a bit wider and the reverse cowgirl to have more twisty lean back elements. Now, the bit wider part is definitely subjective and your mileage probably varies on that point.

On some of the extreme facial close-ups there was a little bit of convergence stuff, and that kinda happens in real life, also; but, maybe there’s room to fine-tune that a bit(?)

All things considered, unsurprisingly, a technically competent virtual porn with some first-rate professional performances.

Honestly, that’s what I tend to expect from NA. I like some releases more than others, certainly; but, I’d say they’re all worth the price of admission: and, the Naughty boys are definitely on a roll these days.

Cum on Melissa Moore in virtual reality

Cum on Melissa Moore in virtual reality

And, all that’s left is your declaration:

I wanna smoke stuff with Melissa Moore!! And get naked with her! NOW !!!

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