Wake Bake Melissa Moore VR review

Wake And Bake With Melissa Moore

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Wake and Bake Quick Take Review

April 20, 2017

Melissa Moore missionary push forward

Ms. Moore in a very horny missionary push-forward

Melissa Moore poses doggy style with her panties to the side

This is an effective pose!

A convincing and endearing GFE portrayal from Ms. Moore in Wake and Bake by Naughty America VR.

The movie offered some good close-up work, horny positioning and measures fine on the wackability index.

I mean, hey…look at the pic below. You’re at an advantage when you’ve got this to work with!

Melissa Moore shoves pussy out

Oh, yes… this is a good subject to work with

I wouldn’t mind seeing the Naughty America rig go roving a bit for some close-up scans when Melissa had on the sexy panty outfit. That I actually would really like to see.

I’m sort of waiting for an NA experimental release that breaks rules: incorporating traditional VR porn POV, switching to very close-up 3rd person perspectives, body scanning, and just totally mixing-up the camera perspectives and editing it all together.

And, I’d like to see the doggy style a bit wider and the reverse cowgirl to have more twisty lean back elements. Now, the bit wider part is definitely subjective and your mileage probably varies on that point.

On some of the extreme facial close-ups there was a little bit of convergence stuff, and that kinda happens in real life, also; but, maybe there’s room to fine-tune that a bit(?)

But, all things considered, the Naughty gang adds another well-produced, horny scene to their ever-growing library.

I particularly enjoyed this Melissa Moore VR porn scene, and I’m going to add a bunch of pictures below for you.

Ms. Moore goes sideways

Ms. Moore goes sideways

Melissa Moore reverse cowgirl


Melissa Moore in lime green panties


Melissa Moore fancy socks naked

Fancy socks to match the fancy smoking gizmo

Melissa Moore smoking weed in a VR porn movie

In a cloud of 420 smoke

Melissa Moore missionary

Nice work, Melissa

Melissa Moore wide leg doggy

Melissa Moore wide leg doggy

Ms. Moore with a stylish cowgirl

Ms. Moore with a stylish cowgirl

Cum on Melissa Moore in virtual reality

Cum on Melissa Moore in virtual reality


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