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Rich Girl Abigail Mac Gets Naughty In VR

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Abigail Mac Be The Plumber VR Movie Naughty America

Abigail Mac needs a plumber

Naughty America’s August 24th, 2015 eighth Virtual Porn feature brings us the intriguing Abigail Mac in all her three-dimensional glory.

Okay, let me just go ahead and give you the bottom line: this movie is a winner!

Watch it!

And, watch it again!

Ten out of ten stars!

If you don’t know how to use VR Porn, now’s the time to learn.

So, why am I so enthusiastic?

Why did I call Abigail intriguing?

What am I even talking about?

Okay, today we’re considering the virtual reality masterpiece entitled Be The Plumber: Naughty Rich Girls starring Abigail Mac and that excessively lucky bastard Chad White.

Abigail Mac virtual cum

Abigail Mac virtual cum

All right, Abby’s intriguing because…let’s suppose I had to sum her up in one sentence. It’d go like this: She’s a dark-haired sex machine that’s stuck in hump mode. Oh, yes!

This isn’t the girl-next-door. This slut talks dirty to you. She tells you that she loves your beautiful cock and that you own her pussy and that she owns your cock and that she wants to milk every drop of juice from your love rod.

Hey, I ain’t making this up!

Oh, if they only made more women like Ms. Mac! Abigail is a natural-born porn star. She’s not just fucking for the money.

Abigail Mac's full lips

Abigail Mac’s full lips

Abigail Mac face vr porn


Oh, good Lord. Abigail Mac VR doggy style!


 Abigail Mac Naughty VR cowgirl screenshot

Cute haircut – both of them …

She’s also fucking because…the lady LOVES to fuck! You can tell. I consider her one of the greatest living porn stars out there.

And, she’s got straight hair! Hallelujah! Why do all those others think they must have wavy hair! And, she even keeps a little fur on her furby. Abby, we like your style!

When you experience her in VR…more than any other virtual sex video I’ve yet seen…you really feel like you’ve had an experience with Abigail Mac.

You get the impression that—I know this sounds corny—but, you get the impression that she’s the type of woman that would make you a better man.

Abigail Mac eats cum in virtual reality porn

Abigail Mac: you make me want to jack.

If life were throwing a bunch of obstacles at you; she’d get you naked, jam her honeypot on your hot rod and whisper, “I love your beautiful face and huge dick. You can do anything, baby! Nothing’s gonna stop you!”

And, you’d believe dear Abigail.

As she cowgirled the daylights out of your brain, she’d light up your soul with her happy sexual being.

I must say, Naughty America’s technical, video abilities are quickly improving.

In this one, as Abigail reaches for you: notice how the light reflects from her red fingernails and the rich texture of her shimmering lips. If things are this realistic now, just imagine what this technology is going to be like a year from now. My mind’s already pretty well blown.

Let me tell you: the ending of this movie is the best VR has yet to offer. As Abigail is fingering around with the ejaculate on her tongue in close-up, VR fashion…it’s just so damn realistic!

We’re all adults here, right?

Abigail Mac in virtual porn movie


Abigail Mac eats cum

Eat cum

Abigail Mac eats cum


Abigail Mac eats cum


Abigail Mac - VR porn - Those virtual fingernails look so real!

Those virtual fingernails look so real!

Abigail Mac virtual cowgirl Naughty America VR


Abigail Mac eats cum


Abigail Mac eats cum

Eat more cum Abigail

I’m going to tell you the truth. More than any other VR sex video I’ve yet seen, it’s this Abigail Mac one that made my amigo say Hola. And, let’s be honest with each other. That’s what this VR porn is really all about.

We’re not watching this stuff because the story lines are like Stephen King. It’s about technology providing an enhanced way to have an enhanced tug.

Just being honest!

Let’s face it: these days marriage ain’t necessarily in a fella’s best interest. It’s just so easy to lose so much…

Little wonder you’re reading a VR porn review blog.

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