Alexis Adams Be Her Teacher VR review

Want To Be Alexis Adams Virtual Teacher?

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Alexis Adams Be Her Teacher Movie Cover

Alexis Adams: Who wants to be her teacher? Raise your…um…hands.

Thank God for technology!

Well, now that it’s possible to be Alexis Adams’ teacher in a VR setting, I’m forced to say: Thank God for technology!

If you haven’t yet taken the plunge, now’s the time to bookmark this site and continue reading, because, little grasshopper, I’m going to get you on the high-tech wack track in no time at all…

All right, let’s talk about Alexis Adams for a second.

Naughty Bookworms: Be Her Teacher VR released August 14, 2015

She’s the star of Naughty Bookworms: Be Her Teacher VR released August 14, 2015. The ever-alpha Ryan Mclane gets the honors of being today’s stunt cock.

Okay, about Alexis Adams: the first thing that jumps out are those young, heavenly tits. You know, those badboys are as good as it gets. Period.

Girl-next-door fantasy in 3D

The erotic element of Alexis is that she strongly projects the girl-next-door vibe. She reminds of a sexy—yet demure—young thang: like the gal you knew, years ago, at your local community college.

You remember that community college girl?

She was a beauty!

But, she seemed like such a nice girl…you just never felt right getting bold with her. One time, she even had coffee with you at the campus coffee shop. And, like a stupid asshole you talked about Siggy Freud rather than flirting and teasing.

You should have leaned over, kissed her and said, “I want to kiss you all over.” It would have worked!

Well, that was many moons ago, and you’ve often reflected on the folly that comes with being such a gutless twerp.

It’s all right, bro. A virtual Alexis has emerged to alleviate your psychic pain and correct yesterday’s mistakes.

Alexis is just like that community college gal of yesteryear. Alexis, also, seems like a sweet prude. Yet, the school janitor’s boffing the bejeesus out of the goody-two-shoes four nights a week.

Because, he actually had the nerve to tell her, “I want to lick your honeypot for a few days.” Yes, the school janitor with the cheap motorcycle, scruffy goatee and gym muscles.

See, the dirtball had the testicles to go bold. And, while you were tugging in the shower imagining her, he was violating her virtue doggy style.

But, again…it’s okay.

Strap on your VR goggles because Alexis is waiting for you.

But, you don’t know how to use VR porn?

You mess everything up, don’t you?

No fear: read this. Hurry up: She’s waiting for you, wearing short shorts, and you’re now her teacher. And, she’s fucking up.

She’s at your mercy man! She’s looking as fine as ever. She’s telling you she’ll do whatever it takes.

God, her ass is naked now, and she’s bending over. Holy moley, she’s shaking her plump parts at you. You could reach out and touch them!

And, you’ve forgotten that your cock is in your hand and goggles are strapped to your head because she looks so real! Now, she’s cowgirling you…and…and…look at those succulent tits with their subtle bounce! Holy! To hell with the janitor! Alexis is doinking the hell out of your boinker now!

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