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Luna Star and Nina Elle Are Virtual Reality Hookers

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Let’s be honest…it’s very easy to fall for both Luna Star and Nina Elle. I know I did when I first saw this movie. And, you naturally may want to expand your porn collection of these two horny Goddess gals. Here’s how to do that. Visit Porn-Star and check out the Luna Star gallery and the Nina Elle Gallery. What’s not to like! I love them both.

VR Porn Hookers

Luna Star and Nina Elle Hookers promotional cover

A couple of virtual hookers are knocking on your door.

Hookers synopsis

Hookers synopsis

All right, September 10, 2015 brings Naughty’s tenth VR porn effort: Hookers, starring Nina Elle, Luna Star and good ole Chad White.

If you’re new to the VR Porn game, take a look around this site, because we got you covered, mate! And, if you’re confused about how to use VR porn, then simply read this.

So, I wasn’t much familiar with Nina Elle or Luna Star, but after experiencing them in virtual reality, I feel like I’ve known these fine gals for…long time!

You know, as advanced as porn’s becoming…and, have no doubt one day soon (probably in 2019 if I had to guesstimate) technology will allow for you to be on your very own bed with a twenty-two year old Jenna Jameson in her hump prime. Oh, my…it’s a shame that all of those previous performers, like Jenna, didn’t get the chance to be filmed in virtual sex…but, AR will change things, because believe me…it’ll look just like a young Jenna.

Daisy Duke hologram

Can’t wait for the fuckable Daisy Duke hologram!

Presently, virtual porn is just entering the scene. It’ll get popular. And, then it’ll transition into augmented reality porn.

What’s augmented reality porn, you ask…

Well, basically, you’ll be able to have simulated sex with a precisely-realistic hologram of anybody right in your own bed. I know that probably sounds pretty far-fetched… And, people are going to fall in love with these robot women that seem virtually indistinguishable from humans.

As I was saying…it seems no matter how advanced porn becomes, there’s no escape from producers sticking in a plot into the thing. I remember when I was a kid, you know, my friend’s mom: she really was a… um… whore.

I ain’t making this up! It may not sound nice, but she was a whore…

Nina Elle captivating hooker expression

Nina Elle captivating hooker expression

We found vibrators and dildos and creams in her room. She was always fucking a new guy. And, one day we found a film projector hidden in her closet.

Of course, we pulled it into her bedroom: which had a mirrored ceiling! And, we pointed the projector at a blank wall…and, it was a porn film! This was like twenty years ago, okay? And, it had the plot of the pool cleaner guy who fucks the lady homeowner!

And, today…you know…there’s a sister’s best friend who finds you home alone or an illicit office affair or whatever…

So, what am I trying to say? Well, that there’s just no escape from the porn plot!

Okay. I tell you, I’d like to see a VR movie that’s nothing but thirty minutes of a couple fine women walking around in bikinis, stretch pants and panties. Let them bend over, etc. Get some close-up shots. Some close-up shots of their faces. Whatever. No plot needed.

Anyway, let’s just dive right in here. How about some screenshots of Luna Star and Nina Elle being hookers in virtual reality space?

Luna Star And Nina Elle VR Porn Picture Gallery

So, the idea of this Luna Star and Nina Elle virtual reality movie is the girls are hooking. And, we enter with Chad on the sofa drinking a Coke. The hookers enter. They change. And, then they veer into an explosive, immersive 3-way fuckfest.

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