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Bridgette B. Is Maid For VR

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Bridgette B Dirty Maid cover

The maid’s here to get dirty

Bridgette B close up VR cowgirl

That’s Bridgette B. in 3D

All right, if you’ll forgive the lame homophone (maid for made) in the title, we can get into Naughty’s new VR, which features the never-ending voluptuousness of the one-and-only XXX Spanish Doll herself: Ms. Bridgette B. Good work Naughty boys on getting this done!

Now, for those unfamiliar with this new technology, you may be wondering what VR means. Answer: Virtual Reality. And, what does that mean? It means you strap some goggles to your face and…suddenly Bridgette’s gigantic watermelons are 3D-style-bouncing by your befuddled cabeza…as your jaw drops to the floor. Indeed. This is some good stuff, and it’s only getting better.

Bridgette B. as maid in NA movie

This is the maid???

Okay, so Bridgette’s present VR is called Your Dirty Maid, and although I’ve commented on how some of Naughty’s dramatic set-ups can get a little old: the whole pornographic maid and client deal just somehow never loses its ability to light-up this man’s psyche. And, let me tell you…the Spanish Doll is rather fabulous in her sizzling maid get-up.

Bridgette B.'s face

Quite a face…

This VR comes in a little heavier than previous Naughties as it runs 40 minutes and weighs 2.43 gigs. That’s for the Oculus Rift High Quality version. I use that on my Android, because that’s how I do things. Let’s dive a little deeper into…um…this movie.

So, it kind of goes like this…today’s stunt cock is Mr. Ryan McLane. Ryan is a very results-oriented sort-of-chap, always up to the day’s challenge. Along such lines, he recently made this intriguing statement:

“This city is too god damn crowded. Anyone under 25, who is not a female willing to fuck for money, needs to get the fuck out.”

I suppose it’s all about the Benjamins with this fella. To think: actually getting

Bridgette B. as VR maid

Oh, baby

paid to dip your taquito into Bridgette’s salsa slot. I imagine Ryan knows he’s got one hell of a gig.

Now, in pornography, the male performer is generally not the center of attention. And, in virtual porn, in particular, the male performer’s face is often not even seen. And, I rarely see the man mentioned much in the discussion. In some cases, his name’s not even listed on the webpage. To address this oversight, let’s, briefly, give Ryan a platform—at least in this review—for some of his recent, additional expressions:

“Let’s get one thing straight. No one. No one. Should be closed on ‘Columbus Day’. It’s 2015.”

“Take 1: Hope Michael Bennett enjoyed giving Dalton business. Cost Seattle possible 6…that’s KARMA dumb ass.”

“Woa. Woa. It’s October 8th.”

“If you don’t like listening to Pete Rose talk baseball OR if you disagree with him…then we can’t be friends..ever.”

VR tit fuck Bridgette

Now, that’s a VR tit fuck!

Okay. I hope I’ve done my part. Moving along. Things start off with Ryan waiting for the maid to arrive. She arrives. He wonders about her outfit. She begins dusting, of course. And, soon she’s doing a spectacular job of rubbing her tits on his rod. I do believe this is the first tit-fuck VR I’ve seen.

Bridgette blow job

Please suck it, Bridge, oh yea

And, Bridgette should be acknowledged for the sultry monologue she maintains with the camera: for pretty much the entire movie!

See, the whole thing about the VR dealio is its success depends on how effectively the illusion is created that it’s you sitting there on the couch with Bridgette’s purple lips puckered at you and her long eyelashes batting right before your eyes. What is it about a pretty woman and the power she has with those dang eyelashes? Someday a scientist somewhere will figure this thing out…

Bridgette B. reverse cowgirl arm grab

Bridgette B. reverse cowgirl arm grab

Bridgette cowgirling

Bridgette cowgirling

Now, what helps create that illusion are the technical aspects of the video’s quality and the gear being used to watch it. That being said, the other huge (non-hardware) factor is how intensely and skillfully the female performer engages the camera. This is huge. And, I’ve seen that a lot of performers don’t understand this.

And, Bridgette is a porn veteran, who clearly has good instincts in this regard. I’m going to even say that in this particular respect (camera engagement to create immersive illusion), I think this may be the best I’ve seen yet.

And, what are the elements behind it?

Basically, a tight POV on the woman’s face and the woman’s ability to give an engaging, horny-inducing dialogue. Yes, the woman’s dialogue is important. HUGE! Well done in this case. Very enjoyable.

Bridgette B's pussy

And, that’s Bridgette’s funbox, guys

The virtual reality aspect has some significant differences over 2D. For one, if you ever wanted to really see what Bridgette’s tulip looks like…now’s your chance.

Bridgette B.'s pussy in VR

Enough to make a man dizzy

Now, I know you’ve seen her other porn, and you think you know what her twat looks like. Believe me, if you haven’t seen this…you don’t really know. There’s a segment in this movie…where…well, after seeing the segment, you’d be able to pick Bridgette’s funbox out of a 1,000 twat line-up.

The other thing this VR showcases is that Bridgette can act. As we know, that’s not always the case with sex movies. Additionally, after watching this, it became apparent that in the real world, I bet she’s a rather charming woman. If you watch this, you’ll see what I mean.

As to the actual doinking. Yea. Great stuff.

This is the best reverse cowgirl VR I’ve seen yet. And, a lot of that has to do with the high-quality ass that Ms. B. walks around with: I mean, folks, that’s Grade A …the other thing is that Naughty’s skills keep improving.

The camera work is more immersive. (Watch the word immersive become increasingly popular over the next couple years). And, the actual video quality seems better also. I’m giving this Bridgette B VR two thumbs up.

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