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3 Best VR Porns Up Until Now?

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October 20, 2015

Hi everybody. I got an interesting (not really) email last week asking me to name my three favorite VR porn movies. Fascinating question (not really): no doubt asked by someone with a lot of time on his hands. I mean, what kind of sicko emails a blog called FindVRporn and asks that sort of question!!!

Anyway, questions like that are always tough.

You know, people who ask those sort of questions (like what’s your favorite song? your favorite food?)…I just kind of want to punch those sort of question-askers in the face a couple times. How many times have you been asked your favorite regular (non-porn) movie?

It’s the type of question that pops-up on a first date when you both realize you don’t have shit to talk about: a typical date, for me, in other words. People are so hard to connect with… Anyway, you end up stammering like a completely boring idiot:

“Well, I love Good Will Hunting, Pulp Fiction, American Beauty…and, of course Annie The Musical. But, I can’t really say one is better than the other.”

So, that’s sort of where I’m at with this question. On the other hand, it is mildly amusing (not really).

I’m going to answer this more like…here are the 3 virtual porns that I’ve found most interesting until now. And, now is October 2015. And, this VR naked 3D boobie stuff hasn’t been happening long, but there’s a bunch, and I’ll work with it.

So, let’s have a go at it, mates.

3 VR Porns I’ve Found Most Interesting To Date

1. Hookers, starring Luna Star, Nina Elle and Chad White

Okay, so you’re naturally wondering what is it about Hookers that’s so fascinating.

Well, here’s a hint: it

stars Luna and Nina as hookers!

The whole hookers set-up taps into a deeply-ingrained fantasy in the male psyche.

That’s to say…having sex with beautiful women without having to actually know them or do anything for them (except pay them.)

And, that it’s in VR just makes the whole fantasy more engaging.

Now, this is the type of thing that you’re definitely not supposed to admit!

But, you give your average man a dose of truth serum…and, no doubt, he’ll admit to you that a no-strings-attached, hide-the-salami session with two beautiful women beats the hell out of dinner-and-a-movie with chunky Sally—from the neighboring office cubicle—with the promise of perhaps awkward suck job after all’s said and done.

2. Lez Strap-On VR, by BaDoinkVR, starring Julia De Lucia and Kitty Lovedream

All right, let’s consider my second pick: the Doink boys lesbian love fest.

Now, this one’s interesting because it, obviously, depicts a girl-on-girl session.

And, these aren’t just any girls! We’re talking Julia and Kitty!

Though, they don’t necessarily have the same fame-level as some of their peers, that doesn’t stop them from being cute-as-all-hell while oozing their erotic, lesbos dynamite.

The scenario—involving the strap-on—is novel.

And, kudos to the BaDoink writer boys for continually getting creative with their scenarios.

While many spend most of their porn time with heterosexual

encounters, it’s good to indulge the different fantasies out there.

And …who doesn’t want to watch virtual Julia and Kitty doing…just about anything.

If it’s in VR, I’d watch the two of them cooking breakfast.

3. Big Dick Lessons,  starring Jillian Janson, Julia Ann and Moe The Monster Johnson

And, my third most interesting selection, no doubt, is the trio of Moe, Jillian and Julia in a dynamically-charged threesome context.

Since I’ve written this, I’ve followed Moe’s Twitter feed, and he seems like a pretty interesting guy.

As to Jillian and Julia, they’re two of the most famous porn stars out there.

Julia, perhaps, is the most famous star of the MILF genre.

Props to the casting on this one.

Whoever made the casting decisions…job well done. We combine Moe’s famously prominent manhood and Jillian’s

projected ingenue-know-nothingness with the yellow-haired, veteran MILF of a mack monster providing the instructions…now, that’s a set-up!

Very creative…

Okay, well…

So, email question-asker, there you go!

See Julia and Kitty and their glorious dildo

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