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Let’s look around the VR web

October 22, 2015

Thus far, this site has mainly focused on the newly-emerging virtual reality technology as it relates to pornography: with an emphasis on reviewing and considering the latest VR porn movies. But, I’m feeling a little bored…

…so I’m going to present you good folks with some of the most interesting links to VR things that are happening in this gigantic world. And, there’s a lot of high-tech, altered reality shit going down. Also, I just thought of something…a lot of people are fond of saying that technology has made our world smaller. That’s not true. This world is gigantic. It would take you quite a while to explore the place.

Anyway, let’s take a look at some links.

1. One of the most interesting things going down is that the illustrious New York Times is going to be giving away around a million VR cardboards in The New York Times Magazine during the weekend of November 7, 2015. Google is on this action. This coincides with a VR NYT documentary, The Displaced, to be released at the same time.

So, what’s interesting about this story? Well, it concerns the adoption of VR. And, this is a very good thing for people trying to make money in the VR space. Basically, what we need right now is to get these free cardboard viewers in people’s hands so they give VR a shot.

2. All this Magic Leap stuff (Youtube demo) looks pretty damn cool. What is it? Well, it’s called either mixed reality or augmented reality. For whatever reason, I prefer the term augmented reality. And, let me tell you…Augmented reality is going to be enormous! Much, much bigger than VR. Now, this is sort of strange to talk about right now because VR itself is in its earliest stages and augmented reality…well, most people presently have no idea what that expression means. Check back in ten years, because it is going to be widely used…

So, what is it? Well, in simple terms, augmented reality allows you to layer virtual elements right into your actual reality. In contrast, with VR, you put on your headset, and your reality (eg. bedroom) no longer exists. With AR, you put on your glasses, and you’re going to be able to have a naked, twenty-year-old Jenna Jameson stretched out on your bed. It’s augmented reality that’s going to blow pornography up in a way that people can’t even imagine right now.

3. There’s a pretty dang interesting article about BaDoinkVR right now called Behind The Scenes Of A Virtual Reality Porn Shoot. Among others, this article features BaDoink big boss man, Todd Glider, and starlet Christie Stevens, who says, “I think there will always be a place for regular 2D porn, but I think we’re going to be seeing a lot more of VR, it just may take a few years to fully get there.” I think Christie’s right on both counts. I don’t see conventional 2D porn going away any time soon. If ever, really. I think it’s going to be with us as long as we’ve got humans on earth. And, VR porn will need a few years before true widespread adoption. Things like the NYT cardboard giveaway, though, are what’s going to help it get there. Additionally, this article highlights some of the challenges involved with shooting VR sex.

4. If you’re a person who’s sort of nerdy…or a person who’s really interested in sound: meaning, you give a lot of thought to the concept of sound…then, I suggest you look at this article: The Key To Virtual Reality Immersion Is The Audio (article moved). You know, for the virtual porn, sound matters. No doubt.

5. Cnet has a pretty good article about the VR headsets that we’ll see in 2016. One thing I feel pretty certain about is that VR is going to start blowing up in 2016. With the consumer releases of HTC’s Vive, Oculus Rift, Sony’s Playstation VR and Microsoft’s HoloLens…2016 is going to be one of the most significant years in history. I know some might think that sounds a little fanatical, but they just don’t understand how life is going to soon (very soon!) be so radically different…and there won’t be any going back. Of course, all of these mentioned technologies are going to get completely pornified. It’s porn, of course, that pushes the technology (though, most people don’t like acknowledging that…)

All right, there you go.

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