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Victoria And Her Nipples

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November 9, 2015

Victoria Summers virtual real porn

Starring Victoria Summers and her nips

All right, friends, there are some good developments as we’ll now be covering Virtual Real Porn’s VRs. Why?

Because, they’re a first-rate studio putting out killer VR that is very inspiring: and the VRP crew pull-off an in-your-face-immersion with…such interesting lighting and almost ethereal effect. I was hesitant to use the word ethereal because I don’t want to sound like an asswipe, but… It’s hard to describe: it just feels different.

The explanation for this, no doubt, lies partially in technological factors that are beyond me. There are so many things I want to say…almost like I need to say them all at once…but, my concentration is shot because of… those nipples!

Victoria Summers

Red dress tease

Victoria had previously done a very horny solo VR for VRP, and now we’ve got an additional twenty minutes of Victoria Summers virtual reality! Yes, life does suck, but things like Victoria’s aggressive 3D nipples makes it bearable.

A gal like Ms. Summers truly demonstrates the need for virtual reality. Sure, a woman like that is going to look good in conventional 2D porn. Hell, she’d look good without make-up in a Polaroid picture taken after a night of nonstop drinking.

But, of course, the VR aspect introduces 3D depth, and justice has finally been served that we can now see those pointies in all of their humongous glory. There’s just something about a beautiful woman with huge nipples. My, oh my…it’s like someone stuck a couple of stiff, cherry gumdrops smack in the middle of those creamy, over-sized pillows.

Victoria Summers bra panty combo

Now, that’s a Goddamn good-looking woman

If Victoria were ever in a debate competition against a fella… All she’d have to do is say just about anything for a minute. And, when it’s her opponent’s turn to respond…ole Vicky would just have to pull off her shirt and bra and point those nipples at the guy. His brain would befuddle and he’d be standing there going, “Ba dee ba dee ba dee.”

So, in addition to the 3D glory of Ms. Summers’ nipples, she also has many of my other major bullet points checked-off. Behold:

1. Blonde
2. Straight-hair
3. Skinny
3. Beautiful face
4. Nice ass and hips with some width
5. And, as an added bonus…that accent!
6. And, did I mention those nipples!

Victoria Summers cowgirl pic

Oh, the glory!

All right, moving along… Let’s consider the porn studio behind this masterpiece for a sec.

Victoria Summers nipples

Oh, yea! Glorious nipples, baby

Artistically it seems VRP occupies a space somewhere between Naughty and BaDoink. I don’t mean in respect to quality… As I’ve said elsewhere, I don’t think any of those studios can definitively be crowned king. I like all three.

Victoria fingers herself

Rub it V

It’s the individual consumer’s mind, libido and sense of kink that makes the determination. Anyway, maybe I’ll expand on that…I’m sure I will at some point. I’ve got to type something in this box…

Okay, so today, we’re considering Virtual Real Porn’s latest effort, which is entitled, simply, Victoria & Me. It stars Victoria Summers and Luke Hotrod. Ms. Summers is a Goddess. That’s the summary… She delivers a passionate performance that seems authentic. You know how a lot of porn has the obligatory moaning and so forth…and, you just get the feeling that there ain’t no emotion or truth behind it…

Well, you don’t get that impression with Victoria. Truly, this blonde thing is cock crazy with strong inclinations towards bouncing on a stiff one with tremendous frequency. There ain’t nothing like the real thing. And, when a woman’s having a good time fucking …you can tell.

The movie gets off to a good start, and a hat tip to the VRP crew for easing the hot rod into Victoria’s garage. In other words, we get two minutes of Victoria teasing in her red dress. This is appreciated! She looks like one of those young, beautiful women you sometimes see as an elementary school teacher. Meaning, she’s dressed professionally…and…she’s just a beautiful blonde woman who needs attention.

Then, those enormous funbags come out…and, yes, those colossal nipples are in your face. Vicky’s got her bra off! Grab your safety goggles boys! All the while, she’s maintaining a seductive, sultry monologue with that horny-inspiring British accent. This is almost too much for a man to take. If I were the couch guy, my rocket would have blasted when she first lifted up her dress and flashed those fancy panties.

What follows is the typical sexual configurations of titty-fuck, suckjob, cowgirl (see around the ten minute mark! …watch for a few minutes), a reverse cowgirl with animalistic qualities (you just want to grab that blonde ponytail and go nuts), handjob and load in her mouth. Victoria does what they all do…but, as mentioned, she does it in her unique Victoria style. Now, it’s your turn…

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