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Kagney Linn Karter Is A Beautiful Comedian

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Let’s add some additional Kagney Linn Karter resources as a tribute to the greatness of this movie. For starters, see additional picture galleries. And, don’t be sure to miss Kagney as a schoolgirl!

November 11, 2015

Naughty America VR had me laughing out loud with this hysterical Kagney Linn Karter VR Porn outing! Great stuff!

VR nurse Kagney Linn Karter

Oh, why don’t I ever get a nurse like this Goddamn it!

All right, friends, a new Naughty VR just came out this morning. It’s called Your Naughty Nurse: It’s Your Turn To Be The Patient. And, it stars the intriguing, June 2009 Penthouse Pet of The Month, Kagney Linn Karter, alongside the ever-alpha stunt cock, Mr. Chad White.

So, let’s consider this Kagney Linn Karter virtual reality offering…

Kagney blowjob

Best. nurse. ever.

So, Kagney, of course, is a world-famous blonde porn star. I’d seen her before on a tube site. But, I will say that until now I wasn’t aware of the extents of her talent. Previously, I’ve praised the sexual aspects of Naughty VR: while occasionally suggesting that the plots could be a bit unnecessary. And, in some cases, sort of silly-dumb (eg. flying cars…really?)

Kagney Linn Karter sucks Chad White in VR

Nurse Kagney’s special technique of checking Chad’s temperature

Well, in this case, the plot is hilarious and spectacular. I’ll be honest with you folks. Normally, when I watch a VR porn, I’ve got my thumb on my little remote. And, I jump the video ahead in tiny intervals until I reach the sections I like. This is the only VR porn movie that I actually watched from first minute until last. And, I wasn’t expecting for that to happen. But…

Kagneys cunt close-up

That’s Nurse Kagney’s yum yum

Kagney comes out as a nurse. And, she looks very tempting. It appears her patient has pulled a groin muscle.

And, Kagney starts telling him how she has to work the muscle out.

Kagneys ass reverse cowgirl

Once again… oh, wow!

Shortly after, as she sticks her tongue in his backdoor, she explains that she’s taking his temperature. And, interspersed here and there, Kagney’s sticking her big funbags in his face and exclaiming, “Milk them, milk these things!” And, soon enough, she explains to Chad that in order to work out his pulled muscle, she’ll have to use her pussy for a special muscle-on-muscle technique.

Now, my synopsis may not convey the humor of this.


And, uh…I just keep saying, Oh Wow

Kagney cowgrils VR

The impossible dream

It’s difficult to explain, because a lot of it is achieved through tone, expression, timing and delivery. But, I swear, Ms. Karter was really channeling her inner Jim Carrey. At times, the humor, conceptually, reminded me a bit of the cable guy. I was really pleasantly surprised by the whole thing.

And, I sure wasn’t expecting to encounter a comedic VR porn…like ever.

Additionally, it’s my feeling that Kagney sort of ad-libbed this stuff. Meaning, she was just sort of riffing and inventing as she went along. And, that’s brilliant.

I’m going to come out and say that Kagney’s beautiful and hilarious. And, that beauty/funny combo is truly the holy grail. I mean…I’ve always expected to spot a leprechaun dancing in a field of four-leaf clovers before I found myself a beautiful funny woman who knows how to fuck. This is the impossible dream… I mean…how many women out there make statements like, “I am in love with humanity.”

Kagney cowgrils VR

The impossible dream

As far as the sex goes, you already know if you’ve seen Kagney before. She’s one of the best. And, she executes with a special and authentic passion. I just don’t think the girl’s faking anything.

It truly seems she’s having a spectacular time with ole Chad.

As for Mr. White…kudos to you, sir. I don’t know how on earth you lasted that long with Kagney. That’s remarkable. As for me, about the

VR Kagney Linn Karter reverse cowgirl Chad White

Oh, wow…

instant my key brushed against her doorknob, I’d be firing my fuel off in a minute-long spasm.

And, we can’t end this without mention of a fascinating moment when Kagney practically touches her pink wrinkly against the VR camera lens.

Must see TV.

I am eagerly awaiting the Kagney VR follow-up to this one…perhaps with a different patient, who has a different ailment.

You know what I’d like to have happen? That’s right: the nurse-patient scenario as a reusable template…loving it.

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