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Ava Addams And The Carpet Cuckold

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All right, let’s get started: today we are treated to  Don’t Tell My Husband. And, it stars porn luminary Ava Addams alongside Xander Corvus. NA’s effort last week, with Kagney Linn Karter, broke novel ground by combining an unexpected, first-rate humor with VR sex. And, let’s now discuss how NA did this week.

Ava Addams lifts up red dress in virtual reality porn

Does the carpet match the drapes?

All right, so let’s consider Ms. Ava Addams. As you’re already aware, she’s a world-famous porn star. You may know her from such features as Big Wet Tits 9, Big Beautiful Boobs, Sweet Tits and, of course, Digital Sins 2011 breakout release Mommy Knockers. Correct me if I’m mistaken, but there does seem to be a reoccurring theme with Ava’s movies.

Ava Addam's cunt vr

That is Ava’s funbox in VR space

What else?

Well, Ava’s from Gibraltar: though, she was raised in Houston. She speaks fluent French: having two French parents probably helped in that regard. Ava loves hot sauce, purple things, Buffy, Dexter, basketball, history, photography, Edgar Allan Poe and Tim Burton. She stands a petite 5’3″, but there ain’t nothing petite about those artificially-enhanced funbags, which check in at a whopping 32F.

Ava's pussy doggy style view

This is also Ava’s funbox

Over the past several months, I’ve seen many fans online asking for some Ava Addams virtual reality action. It’s here. Simmer down now, boys! The movie runs about 26 minutes. Additionally, NA is now shooting in 60 fps (frames per second). This means the video movement is high-quality. As usual, there are versions available for Smartphone, Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear. The Smartphone and Oculus have two versions: Oculus low-quality and high-quality; and Smartphone 30 fps or 60 fps. I’ve been using the Oculus high-quality on an Android with Homido for some time: and, it’s worked out fine.

Ava Addams suck job

Just where you want Ms. Adams

So, this movie kicks off, per usual, with ole Xander on the couch. This guy spends a lot of time couch-lounging. But, as you’ll see, he’s anything but a potato. So, we’re transported into the Xander POV (point of view). This means, we see his tee shirt torso, jeans and hands, which are holding a little tray of carpet samples. Ava immediately appears wearing a red dress, and she sits by him: looking like a Euro-Mediterranean sort of slinky, olive-skinned beauty. And, she’s got a pretty face!

Ava Addams cowgirl

Ride ’em Ava cowgirl!

I’d say we’re off to a good start. A pretty face is important in VR films.

More Ava Adams cowgirl position VR


All right, so Ava soon tells Xander that hubby’s at work. Thus, let’s do this! And, as you’ll see, those plump, Ava lips are around the Xander beanpole before you can say, “Cuckold VR!” The whole cuckolding/cheating-wife genre is juicy because it taps into a murky and cemented recess of the man mind: a haunted, tortured brain basement of fear and dread. Many men—we’re not talking about swingers here—have a gut sickness while imagining their significant twat slurping-up another man’s Popsicle.

Ava Addams reverse cowgirl

Mademoiselle Addams reverso cowgril

Okay, so Naughty definitely does some things right with this one. First, as mentioned, is the genre. Next, is Ava. In addition to being the big-tit-sexy-Milfy-type, she also understands camera engagement. And, she tosses out little-horny-gem lines about how she’s a fuck toy, a no-good-cheating-whore, a lousy-slut-wife and so forth.

Ava's sexy ass

Very enticing and sexy ass

Additionally, both the NA camera work and quality keeps improving. The higher frame rate makes a discernible difference. And, it seems like they’re  getting the distance right. There are moments when Ava’s head seems to be at just the right distance to create a convincing illusion. And, there are close-ups of various, um, parts of Ava’s anatomy that are rather horny-inspiring. And, of course, Ava’s the sort of lovely, pretty-faced sexpot that you desire in VR.

As far as critiquing the perspective (meaning proportion/distortion) of these VR porns…well, that’s tricky, because people are basically using different set-ups etc. In other words, if I’m using a more low-budget rig (which I am), what I’m seeing probably will be inconsistent with a Samsung Gear guy or an Oculus fapper.

That’s why I often don’t mention things like how I’ll usually get some proportional distortion in the top of the frame.

This, for me, is pretty much always so with 3D videos from any studio. So, in other words, the direct field of vision is accurate. Look up: there’s some distortion. I’m not bothered by this because I usually focus on the portions that are directly-ahead. And, I find these movies to be fun. And, it’s all so new, I don’t think expecting perfection, at this point, is very realistic.

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