Kayla Green wants to fuck

Kayla Green Gets Glamorous Again

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November 22, 2015

Kayla Green lingerie VR

Come to papa my Russian lingerie babe

Hi Friends, another day dawns and the VRs keep adding up.

Today, the world’s treated to a bit more Kayla Green VR as she makes another appearance in Virtual Real Porn’s Glamour Wife series: in this case, that would be Glamour Wife II.

Let’s just go ahead and take a look at what we’re dealing with here today in the form of a big ole Kayla pic:

Kayla Green VR porn cowgirl picture

Kayla with the O mouth cow-style… OH MY!

I like what I see there!

As usual, VRP offers different versions: Oculus Rift & OSVR (3200×1600 and 1920×1080), Gear VR, Android/iOS and Kolor Eyes App. For this review, I’m using the Oculus Rift 1920 version that weighs in at 3.02 gigs. I’m playing it on an HTC M8 with Homido viewer. It’s also interesting to note that the Oculus 3200 version is weighing a hefty 5.96 gigs. I do believe this is the biggest VR file I’ve yet seen.

All right, Kayla Green. You sexy thang! Let’s cut the bull and drop another big ole picture in here:

Kayla Green shows cunt in VR movie

Kayla knows what you want

All right, settle down, boys.

So, what do we know about Ms. Green? Well, she’s from Moscow, and I don’t know what it is about these Euro-beauties, but they’re just striking in such an interesting and angular way…it’s like…that Euro face…the bone structure…you can pick it out by sight.

There’s just something about that Euro-style type of pretty face with its chiseled elegance! And, Kayla’s face is exquisite. And, in the VR universe, this is a must.

Kayla Green wearing bra in VR porn scene

Hi, there Kayla… let’s do this

So, investigating Ms. Green further, we see she’s fairly new to the professional hump game. She measures in at 34D-25-37. Friends, I like how those numbers look on paper!

She has artificially-inflated funbags, but she must have had a magic formula injected, because those things still have got plenty-of-Jello-like bounce to ’em! And, let’s not leave out the silver-dollar-sized nipples.

All right, so Kayla’s a Russian porn starlet. And, she’s got some tattoos. And, how you regard that pretty much depends on if…that’s right…you like hot babes with ink jobs. And, the last pertinent Kayla detail is that her shoe size is a whopping 9.5! But, you know…when you’re 5’10”, that’s pretty typical. Damn, I like height. Oh, good Lord,

Kayla Green wants to fuck sexy expression VR porn movie

Talk about the passion!

a beautiful, tall blonde woman with big nipples will make a fool out of this man…

All right, so today’s stunt cock is Mr. Luke Hotrod. And, yea…Mr. Hotrod’s been giving all the blonde VR hotties his professional poke.

He gets the job done, here, as usual. These VR couch guys tend to be the unsung heroes.

Kayla Green reverse cowgirl virtual reality Virtual Real Porn

Oh… wow!

If they do their jobs, nobody says much. That’s why I always salute OUR VR COUCH GUYS The action, as usual, is mostly centered around the VR standards: cowgirling both facing and reverso.

However, Kayla throws in a few fun twists and just general good stuff: such as flicking those moon-nipples with her tongue… shoving that big blonde head at the camera and hitting you with that delightful accent… giving you a lingerie show and her well-practiced, clit rub… (By the way on the lingerie topic, VRP has got a little creative contest going that involves you selecting what lingerie Carly Summers, Hannah Shaw and Misha Cross wear in their next VR: with even a chance, I believe, for you to win the actual lingerie…what would you do with Misha’s lingerie?)

Kayla Green blowjob Virtual Real Porn scene

Russian suck job

Additionally, about this latest movie… Kayla sucks and boinks a man-stick like she’s a gal who simply needs man rocket in order to exist and

function. With Kayla, it’s not just about a paycheck. That’s obvious…

What’s noteworthy is that VRP really seems to have gotten the distance-perspective-angle kind of perfect here. Describing 3D VR effects in words is challenging, but the key here is that when Kayla’s doing the facing-you-cowgirl, the perspective and sizing just kind of… feels right.

Kayla Green leans in for cowgirl VR porn Virtual Real Porn

Kayla, you look pretty damn good

Immersion is a term that gets used a lot in VR circles: the idea being, the illusion is effective. Very effective. I enjoyed it. And, I think Luke did too. I mean… the thing does end with a Hotrod creampie. Man, letting your spurting rocket linger in her Russian loading dock must be sublime…


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