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Chad White reads a book

Hey, I’m trying to read here!

All right, friends, today’s latest Naughty VR features Nina North, and Chad White, in Be Her First.

So, the premise of this is pretty simple: you see, young Nina’s never had a spoon in her mixing bowl…but, today she’s yearning to do some baking, friends. In the words of NA:

Nina North has never had sex but she is finally ready. Luckily you get to be her first with Naughty America VR!

Fuck your book

Fuck your book

Now, I do think that a lot of porn plots are unneeded; however, this context has got some interesting potential.

As usual, the Naughty boys offer this movie in multiple versions: Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift (low quality and high-quality), and Smartphone versions at both 30 and 60 frames-per-second. I’m reviewing the Oculus Rift high-quality version that weighs 1.7 gigs. I ran it on an HTC M8 with a Homido viewer.

Nina North thrusts tits at Chad White

These are better than your book?

Okay, first let’s consider Nina.

This twenty-year-old, Florida native weighs-in at a purported 103 pounds, stands 5’3″, and measures-up at 34D-25-28. Now, I like a wide-range of women: definitely including the tall-skinny-hippy ones.

But, with that said, I like how Nina’s stats look on paper: the type of little gal you want to grab and pump until time ends. She’s the type of woman that, irl, if you saw her: you’d immediately imagine putting your twizzler stick in her margarita. You just can’t help it.

Nina handjob

Nina handjobbing it

Anyway, if you were setting-out to create the perfect-legal-eighteen-year-old-female… And, you got out your computer, put a bra on your head and cast your magic spell… well, what I’m getting at is that you’d end up with a Jezebel pretty close to Nina. I mean… there’s just nothing like young, natural funbags. Let’s be honest here… no matter how old a guy gets… his little friend still can’t help but awaken when seeing a beautiful, twenty-year-old woman. These, my friends, are just the facts of life.

Nina double doggy in VR viewer

Nina double doggy in VR viewer

And, yea… the facts often aren’t comforting.

Let’s further consider this Nina North virtual sex offering. All right. So, this is pretty much how I see it…if it’s a Naughty America VR release… you already know the woman’s going to be at least pretty-good-looking. Now, I see some people online getting hyper-critical about female pornstars. Those are the same dweebs scared of approaching chunky Charlotte at the gym.

In the real world, you’d be thrilled to bed any of these Naughty gals. I’m just being honest here. And, you know it’s true. So, this release, like the others, has a

Nina North reverse cowgirl

Nina reverso

good-looking babe. And, with Naughty VR, you know you’re getting POV suckjobs, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl as the majority of the action. And, that applies here, as well. Additionally, if the stunt cock is Chad, you can be sure that all of this will be executed competently. And, that all applies to this Be Her First movie.

On a technical level, these NA movies are now running at 60 fps, and the action looks good to me. At this point, what’s holding my experience back is my rig…not the files. Still, I find this stuff enjoyable. And, the best parts of this movie, like usual, are the yum-yum and face close-ups.

Nina North cowgirl Chad White

Nina, looking good!

Now, with all that having been said…I’m looking forward to seeing a VR porn that’s not POV: that’s shot from the perspective generally-used in conventional 2D porn. The assumption and premise seems to be that it’s the POV perspective that maximizes immersion. To me, this is kind of silly, because your bedroom sure doesn’t resemble the NA living room studio with its bright paintings, etc. And, let’s be honest here… your man body don’t look much like Chad’s.

So, the immersion argument doesn’t really work for me. True porn immersion will come with augmented reality…and, that’s going to be pretty awesome! But, for now… I think it would be excellent to venture outside of POV.

Nina North eats cum

Nina eats Chad’s rocket fuel

All right, in summary…Nina looks like a sexy Italian gal in 3D.

I don’t know if she’s Italian.

That doesn’t really matter.

It was just a stray thought that entered my mind.

I don’t understand these things, either.

I don’t understand a damn thing about this life, man.

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