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Awesome Carolina Is A Bad Schoolgirl

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November 26, 2015

Carolina Abril VR

Oh, yea…the naughty schoolgirl has arrived

Carolina Abril ass vr

That’s an ass!

Carolina Abril dressed as naughty schoolgirl

Hi there, Ms. Abril

Carolina Abril passionate cowgirl

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Carolina Abril inserts cock in her pussy

Carolina inserts the dipstick

Carolina Abril skirt ass

Schoolgirl ass

Carolina Abril blowjob pic

Suck it, schoolgirl

Carolina Abril fingers cunt

Fingers in yum yum

Carolina Abril eats cum

Carolina Abril eats the yum yum

Carolina Abril reverse cow ass

Like what I see here!

Carolina Abril leggings sex

Love the leggings

Carolina Abril sucks dick

Keep sucking, babe

Carolina Abril fucks in reverse cowgirl position VR

Great view!

Well, friends, it’s Thanksgiving here in the states, and today I’m thankful for Carolina, who happens to be a very bad schoolgirl.

And, she happens to be the star of a brand new VR porn, Naughty Schoolgirl Gets a D, brought to us courtesy of our good friends the BaDoink boys. And, I’m thankful to the BaDoink boys. After all, they’ve sort of elevated the once-crude, fapping activity into an elegant, high-tech art form.

And, these good VR folks are keeping-up the trend of bringing us some hotties in 3D space: last week, after all, was the slender-Spanish-temptress, Ms. Apolonia Lapiedra.

And, now we’ve got another young starlet, Ms. Carolina, who sort of makes me want to bust out singing that corny-song where the dweeb bellows, “Sweeeet Caroline!”

So, for some technical specs… This latest release is offered in Oculus, Gear and Smartphone versions. The Rift file (HQ – 2880×1440@60fps) weighs-in at a healthy 3.4 gigs. For this review, I’m using the Smartphone file (HQ – 1920×960@60fps 1.7GB), which I’m running on an HTC M8 with a Homido viewer.

Lately, I’ve been sort of favoring the free AAA VR Cinema player. I like the way you can control playback by looking at screen icons.

It doesn’t always work perfectly, but then again…does anything? For instance, the sound in this video (at least the copy I was playing) was a little wonky. But, hey…it’s not like I particularly wanted to hear Carolina’s dialogue. Anyway, the movie’s about 16 minutes long, and it has some aspects that are rather horny.. BadoinkVR describes their latest effort like this:

“Spanish schoolgirl Carolina Abril strips out of her tiny uniform as her petite naked body rocks back and forth on your dick. Don’t let the glasses and teenage charm fool you, this barely legal babe will give you one of the best POV blowjobs you can find on Oculus porn…”

Now, the whole “woops-my-pink-panties-are-accidentally-showing” schoolgirl domain exists quite lusciously in a normal man mind. It’s like a big gooey piece of cheese cake smashed up in there.

Or, better example… I don’t have a better example. It’s Thanksgiving. In addition to Carolina’s pink panties, I’ve also got cheesecake on my mind.

Anyway, after watching Naughty Schoolgirl Gets a D, here are the first thoughts that come to mind. First, I absolutely love the black shoes, knee-high stockings, teeny-weeny mini skirt and glasses. I think most normal men, deep-down, are at least minor fetishists at heart.

It would appear like is aware of this also, because I see today that they’re soon to launch a VR effort. And, I’ll tell you: I’m damn curious to see what the Kink boys come up with. No doubt, I’ll be reviewing their kinkiness right here. They’ve got a free one (almost a full gig) that I just downloaded. But …this review is about BaDoink.

Moving along: my first thoughts: I love the knee-high stockings! Like so many manly men, my eyes flutter at the sight of bikinis, panties, sheer pantyhose and all those salacious accouterments that sluts so advantageously leverage.

Second, I must say, I kind of adore Carolina’s ass! It is—without a doubt—the hottest ass I’ve yet seen in a VR. And, I like Carolina’s general look. BadoinkVR tends to bypass the conventional, American-pornified deal.

I think you know what I mean by American-pornified… Don’t get me wrong, that mainstream, porn aesthetic has a magical power over the male weenie, but it’s nice to have some variety! I think, in the end, it’s the very concept of variety that rules a man’s mind-weenie connection. A lot more could be said about this. Another time…

So, the sex in this movie mostly conforms with what we’ve seen in other VRs. You got your suckjob, fingering, cock-stroke, different cowgirls and mouth mayo deposit.

Carolina performs passionately, and she raucously bounces on the bad boy’s pogo stick. You can tell by Ms. Abril’s furious humping that she’s not faking it.

Pornographic tastes are, of course, subjective. I do think the schoolgirl genre has a particularly wide-appeal. It’s my feeling that many adult men have some regrets about not more boldly pursuing the pristine pootanannie during their youth. And, that regret has nowhere to go… except into fantasy. Dr. Freud signing out!

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