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Dirty Talk VR With Kittina Ivory

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December 7, 2015

All right, friends, today we see the latest BaDoink VR offering: Talk Dirty To Me, featuring the Hungarian hottie, Ms. Kittina Ivory. And, of course, an accompanying, anonymous stunt cock.

kittina squeezes cock

The famous Kittina cock squeeze

Kittina Ivory's face picture

That face!

Kittina Ivory cowgirl picture

Hungarian cowgirl!

Kittina cowgirl collage

Kittina cowgirl collage

Kittina rubs cunt

Kitty rubs her kitty

Kittina Ivory sucks cock picture

Kittina Ivory

Oh, sexy Kittina baby

Kittina Ivory's ass

Oh, Kittina… I love your ass!

BaDoink VR woman headset picture
Kittina Ivory VR skirt collage

This is Goddess Kitina Ivory!

Kittina Talk Dirty To Me VR header

Like other BaDoink releases, this movie is 60 frames-per-second, 3D, HD, binaural sound, etc. And, there are versions available for Oculus, Gear and Smartphone. I’m reviewing on an HTC M8 with a Homdio viewer.

Okay, my first thought was that a dirty talk VR, which really leveraged a close-up on the woman’s face…well, there are some intriguing possibilities with that! There’s a start-up VR company that’s had me critique their unreleased work, and I told them to contemplate this sort of set-up. So, let’s see how the BaDoink boys describe their latest (I edited this lightly):

“When you download VR porn, little’s more riveting than a hot girl dirty-talking in your ear. This happens to be Kittina’s specialty.”

One of my favorite things about BaDoinkVR is that—more than anyone else—they seem to relish experimentation. On occasion, this pays off big: such as Harley being menaced by Big Man…or, especially, last week’s VR threesome, which had not a single second of cowgirl in it!

Additionally, it was my impression that last week’s BaDoink got things right: particularly in respect to sexual positions in VR. This weeks gets it right concerning technical camera aspects.

Okay, so let’s talk for a minute about Kittina. I couldn’t find a Twitter account for her…or that much info on the Internet. That’s okay. We’re adding some Kittina information right now with this post. Here’s something for the Internet database machine: Kittina is a good-looking piece of Hungarian beefsteak!

The first thing that grabs me is the long, straight black hair. Me like that. Mucho. Again, there’s no right or wrong to this, but straight hair just works for me.

Additionally, Kittina is the type of skinny girl that’s got a solid, pretty ass on her. I like skinny women. And, again…what works for me won’t work for everyone. Plenty of fellas want a curly-haired, blonde chunker of a porno gal. Well, no worries, mate…there’s plenty of that type out there! Some days it feels like that’s all that’s out there!

Oh yea, let’s get back to…um… Kittina’s backside. Right. She looks like the type of gal that hits up the stiff-legs and squats at the gym. Could you imagine walking past the squat rack and seeing ole Kittina bending down through a set of stiff-leg deadlifts? I’d probably pop my champagne bottle right in my gym shorts.

But, sure…Kittina’s the type of gal…if she were your girlfriend…you’d want to hit it from behind about 99% of the time.

And, the gal seems to have some moaning tendencies. This sexy gal with the beguiling black eyes is a big-time moaner of a Euro hump monster, guys! My impression is she can bellow like a cat in heat when you really get her woman muffler tuned right.

The bottom line, unsurprisingly, is that Kittina’s an attractive woman. She goes through the sexual configurations in this movie and hits the man viewer with her horny little, accented dialogues.

Oh, friends…that Euro accent is so inspiring. The gal could read the phone book to me, and I’d develop a case of woody jeans. And, how to explain this… but, there’s something about that accent and the somewhat-limited English-speaking ability that combines to really get the man engine rumbling.

Kittina’s sexual performance is solid. One thing about ole Kittina is you can tell the gal likes a cock in her mouth. She’s not like so many porn women who simply go through the motions for the paycheck. It’s evident: Kittina’s crazy for man rocket.

About the camera work and perspective. BaDoink VR is quickly improving in this department. They nailed the Kittina cowgirl. The perspective and ratio of things was the best I’ve yet seen from them. I enjoyed having that broad, Hungarian face hovering in front of my American eyeballs. It was good stuff.

How could it improve? The stunt cock should have done Kitty doggy. How the hell can a fella not pound Kittina doggy? And, he should have picked her up, held her in the air and thumped. And, more close-ups should have lingered over her face. But, all things considered… keep cranking out the VRs BaDoink. Shit is getting real. Really, real, as they say. And, I’m looking forward to what’s coming next. Bring it on. That’s it for tonight…

BaDoink VR woman headset picture

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