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Sunset Girlfriends VR – Amber Nevada, Lucia Love

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December 6, 2015

All right, friends, today we’re going to take a look at this morning’s VRP release entitled, simply, Sunset Girlfriends: which stars Amber Nevada, Lucia Love and stunt cock Andy Stone.

Amber and Lucia bikini collage

Amber and Lucia bikini collage

Now, normally, when naming these blog posts, I feel compelled to be a clever-sort-of-asswipe. But, Virtual Real Porn’s title: Sunset Girlfriends…I like that. Very romantic. It stirs nostalgia. It makes me think of endless summer days, long ago, sitting by the swimming pool drinking orange soda, getting bit by bumblebees, sneaking peeks at Sarah Peterson in her red bikini and laughing-cracking-farts with my friends as the sun slipped behind the clouds.

The sky wasn’t so polluted back then. Oh, this world is going to bloody hell, friends.

Okay, so this latest VRP effort, like all their releases, comes in various formats: Oculus Rift & OSVR, Gear VR, Android and Kolor Eyes. It runs about thirty minutes. If you have a VR headset and you want to skip my ramblingness and go straight to the free trailer download: click here.

All right, so let’s do this. As a VR porn reviewer pioneer guy, I’ve worked out what I think is a competent approach to these things. There are three main variables: 1. Performer 2. Virtual scaling 3. Positioning. So, let’s go through these one-by-one.

Amber Lucia dildo suck

Amber Lucia dildo suck

Today we’re VR ogling Amber Nevada and Lucia Stone. The stunt cock is Andy Stone. I’m not ogling Andy, but if you are… well, have at it.

Amber and Lucia are both quickly becoming VR veterans. Together they’ve already been in a combined seven other Virtual Porn movies. Hell, they’re both good-looking women…so, bring it on!

So, who are these gals? Lucia Love’s a hot-twat straight outta the UK! She’s almost thirty, stands 5′ 5″, and measures in at the eyeball-popping stats of 36D-24-36…and, with natural funbags, guys! Amber Nevada’s a knockout from Madrid, Spain…and, as for me, I like her skinniness, straight black hair, and washed-out-looking eyes… a lot!

Amber and Lucia sunset kiss

Amber and Lucia sunset kiss

So, as I mentioned, the particular female performer is a major factor in these reviews. That only makes sense, right? And, there’s really no right or wrong on this count. It just depends on what the particular viewer appreciates.

Some scholar on Reddit was saying, “Mia Malkova’s the only hot girl in VR…where are the hot girls at?” Okay, so that’s true for him. I can’t tell him he’s wrong. But, as for me, I like a lot of the women featured in VR so far… And, I really like Amber Nevada! That’s the sort of devilish, string-bean-gal that gets this man a bit irrational!

And, I even like seeing Amber cowgirl. A lot! Due to overuse, I’ve gotten sort of burnt-out on the VR cow. But, one thing I’ve repeatedly noticed with Virtual Real Porn is their special knack for extreme close-ups. I don’t think anyone does that better than they do.

Amber Nevada post sunset cowgirling it

Amber Nevada post sunset cowgirling it

Somehow, their technological configuration keeps the scaling on-point. And, it’s hard to explain, but their film somehow has a crisp and clear quality to it. It has a lightness. It’s hard to put into words. You just have to watch it.

Now, it’s important to mention that, thus far, I’ve watched all these videos on an HTC M8 with a Homido viewer. And, the software used is either VR Player Pro or AAA VR Cinema. So, your mileage may vary with a different set-up. I can’t make any guarantees about that…

So, this movie starts off on a horny note as both of these tempting trollops stroll forward in bikinis. I’m the sort of nut who finds some women sexiest in a bikini: yes, I’m saying sexier in a bikini than naked! Oh, yes…I’m nuts… I know!

And, I love how Amber’s tight-little ass looks in a bikini bottom! Adorable! This is also a good example of something I repeatedly mention: things that could be somewhat interesting in 2D video are the same things that can be VR magical. All of the VR content producers need to internalize this idea!

VRP seems to usually understand this, and they do provide close-ups of the bikini babes, their kissing antics, faces, etc. But, more of this should be offered! I’ve said before there should be a rule that every VR porn movie has at least five minutes of footage focused on the woman’s face.

If people are going to shoot VR like they shoot 2D…they’re doing it fucking wrong!

All right, enough of my balderdash.

Let’s wrap this up: Amber and Lucia are good-looking women. Amber’s body-type really tingles my gray matter. Lucia’s funbags are…riveting. The gals put in passionate, authentic performances: thankfully, minus moaning that’s phony. The scaling works. There’s some good camera work, but as usual…I’d like more close-ups. This is a video I’ll rewatch. Particularly for the parts with Amber’s bikini and cowgirling. That’s it.

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