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Lynna Nilsson Returns

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December 27, 2015

Lynna Nilsson selling

Sell me something, baby!

Okay, friends, another day and a new Lynna Nilsson VR for us to consider. This time the yellow-haired stunner stars in VRP’s latest 3D flick called Doorstep Seller. It runs twenty minutes. And, as usual there are versions offered for Oculus, Gear and Smartphones. I’m reviewing the 2.19 GB Oculus version on an HTC M8 using VR Player Pro.

For these reviews, there are three main factors that I consider. The first, of course, is the model: aesthetically, performance, etc. The second is the movie’s virtual scaling: does it proportionally seem correct. And, the final factor is the positioning of cameras and actors.

Now, I’ve written about Lynna’s virtual efforts previously, and I agree with the consensus that this is a good-looking piece of woman.

Lynna Nilsson in VR porn

Get up on my counter, baby!

She’s a narrow-ass, skinny blonde. And, even though I usually think of her as a Swedish gal: she’s actually of a mixed Swedish and Czech ethnic lineage. She grew up in Czechoslovakia, which doesn’t surprise me, because there is such an abundance of beautiful pootanannie strolling those Euro boulevards. Oh, Prague…how I miss you! Man, those Czech Republic babes were digging me! Oh, geez… that was some fine, hip-pumping action for your reviewer man!

Oh, man….I’ll tell you what: in Prague… it ain’t like walking around my local shopping mall.

So this, of course, is where porn fantasy comes into play.

Lynna Nilsson shows shoulder

Show me that Swedish shoulder, baby!

Let’s talk about this movie…

Okay, so concerning the model, Lynna…sure, she’s one of the more beautiful women in the porn world. And, she already knows it. Believe me. Lynna’s been being told she’s pretty since the instant she appeared on planet earth. She actually fucks pretty well on film. She enjoys herself and makes cute little faces. A lot of porn gals seem to be faking it: and, that makes for an inferior porn experience. But, Lynna seems to dig riding the cock rocket for us viewer men.

Lynna rubs cock

Rub my cock, Swedish baby!

After watching a few of her videos, there are two things about her that I think are quite likely.

1. Lynna, as a person, really likes sex. Yep. She’s not just in the game for a paycheck.

2. She can’t seem to resist showing us her “acting skills.” And, I get the sense that deep-down Ms. Nilson dreams of being an actress in conventional Hollywood movies. I could be wrong, of course. But, this is my hunch. She just seems to really ham-it-up when afforded a little acting opportunity.

Lynna Nilsson eyes

You got nice eyes, baby!

Okay, so concerning Lynna, you can look at a picture and see she’s pretty: in the mainstream way we’ve been taught a woman is pretty. Skinny blonde. Nice face. Etc. Her appearance works for me. Her porn abilities are fine. And, if this young lady were your girlfriend…if you were so lucky!…there are two things you’d always want to stick in her: your dong in her wong and a sock in her mouth. Moving along…

Lynna Nilsson virtual fucking

Fuck me Swedish baby!

All right. VRP’s scaling is fine. They often get this right. So, basically, proportionally things are on-point: not a situation where the woman’s head is torso-sized. However, one unusual aspect is that VRP, it appears, screwed-up the sound on this one. I couldn’t hear a thing. But, considering it’s a Lynna VR…well, enough said: (eg. College Days).

Concerning the plot: I could easily gather that Lynna’s trying to sell someone something. And, she ends up giving away her Swedish meatball instead.

The VRP synopsis:
“The beautiful Lynna Nilson walks into your house to bring you some things you will love. Because she needs to sell so
desperately that she will do anything to convince you. And anything is A-NY-THING.”

Lynna ass out

Stick your ass out further, Lynna!

Yep, and the first few moments of the movie afforded Lynna an acting opportunity. I would have probably adjusted the sound there anyway. After the dramatic set-up, Lynna gets to what she does best: suck-and-fuck fun times. Yep. Lynna loves sticking her ass out.

Now, criticisms have been made here and elsewhere concerning the limited sexual positioning that most VR porns offer. It’s often just cowgirl. Thankfully, VRP opted to let Lynna take the man rocket exclusively stand-up in this outing!

Lynna Nilsson leg up fucking stand up virtual sex

Get your Swedish leg up, girl

And, that’s appreciated, folks! Lynna looks fantastic getting her raggmunk poked from behind! And, there’s a portion where she puts one leg on the counter, grinds back, exhales…and, yea…well-done, babe.

The only shortcoming here, as so often, is that there could have been more close-ups. It’s virtual reality, and the viewer really wants that big, blonde face up-close to his lecherous man face.

And, it would have been fun if Manu Falcon would have jammed a sock in her mouth. Maybe next time…

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