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Katy, Rita and the Cucumber – Review, Preview

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Download the preview of cute Katy Rose and raucous Rita Sinclair doing crazy HORNY 3D stuff VIDEO!! Did I mention the…HORNY!….part?

Well, friends, I’m about to watch Czech VR’s brand-new VR, and my expectations are rather high. It stars Katy Rose and Rita Sinclair and…um…a two-foot-long cucumber: just your standard girl-girl-vegetable love encounter.

Rita getting busy

Rita getting busy

Let’s quit lollygagging around here and get down to it. As the readers here know, I evaluate VR porn movies based upon three primary factors:

1. The woman (or, like this case) women: aesthetically, performance-wise, intangibles, etc.
2. The scaling: does the proportion of things seem correct?
3. Positioning: Are there close-ups? Is there a variety of sexual positions?

What’s become apparent is that no single factor stands independently. That’s to say, there’s a synergistic relationship between them. Synergistic is a pretentious and unnecessarily fancy word. It means:
…the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements…

Rita plays Katy clit

Rita plays Katy clit

Now, you may be wondering, “Is this a VR-porn-reviewing blog or a vocabulary lesson?” Friends, it’s all rooted in my inferiority complex. A sense of worthlessness is behind all of the world’s greatest accomplishments. Trust me on that one.

Speaking of great accomplishments, let’s return to the virtual sex movie of the moment: Czech VR 013 – Katy Rose and Rita Sinclair. And, thank you Czech VR for abandoning the baffling naming scheme that involved all of the aka stuff.

All right, so I also consider this to be a fine VR. And, it’s my feeling that I’ll have a similar opinion of the subsequent VRs these Czech boys unleash? Why?

Rita double doggy pussy!

Rita double doggy pussy!

Primarily because they’ve got the scale and distance dialed-in. This is really what we’ve been awaiting. It might sound strange, but getting the technical camera aspects right is more important than the particular female performer being filmed. This is absolutely true in VR.

(Czech feels like they were too close during the end of the movie. I rewatched it. I didn’t initially have that thought, but it turns out they’re right. They were just a bit too close, which makes the focus a bit off. Getting the distance right in these VRs is a complex art…no doubt. Also, I’ll add that it’s rather rare to have the content producer insist of a shortcoming in their work. This, though, is a good quality. It shows the type of perfectionist streak that’s needed to excel at something.)

The funny and amusing thing that Czech VR demonstrates is that a large part of this game is simple. It may be the simplicity that’s confusing some of the other virtual crews out there. Perhaps they have a sense that it shouldn’t be so easy. That it must be more complicated if it’s to be high-quality. Ah, that’s a deceptive thought! Let me tell you what I mean. Let’s consider this very effort.

Katy inserts cucumber inside Rita Sinclair's pussy

Katy cucumbers Rita pussy

  • Does it have a plot? No.
  • Does it have any dialogue? No.
  • Does it have a fancy set? No. It appears to be shot in a cheap hotel room. The bed doesn’t even have a blanket on it.
  • Does it have a famous porn star? No.
  • Does it have a man? No.

And, none of that is needed.

Rita eats Katy's pussy

Rita chows down

Because, what does this VR offer?

  • Two beautiful women.
  • Authentic passion.
  • Great camera work (meaning close, intimate, and, for the most part, correctly-scaled).

And, friends…that’s all that’s needed. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Katy and Rita. I like them both a lot. And, I’m looking forward to seeing more from Czech VR. And, Czech VR: don’t mess things up by trying to get sophisticated on us! You’ve already found the correct and simple formula that works.

Rita Sinclair doggy style

Oh, Rita do you ever look fantastic down like a doggy!

How could this VR have been improved?

  • There was a brief section of a close-up on Katy and Rita’s faces as they kissed etc. And, that was great. But, Czech VR needs to give more screen time to close-ups on the women’s faces. Don’t be scared to just point the camera at the woman’s face for a couple minutes. That’s right. Just hold the camera there and let the woman smile a bit… or not smile… linger on the facial close-up longer. And, by longer… I mean: MUCH LONGER!

What do I want to see?

Rita legs spread with cucumber picture

Keep them legs spread, girl!

  • I’d really like to see Sweet Cat and Nikki Dream get in on this solo girl action!

Now, I know I’m presenting my opinion in these articles. And, there may be some men out there who enjoy porn plots with dialogue; or Superheros; and engaging set-ups. Sure. It’s my feeling, however, that my opinion is shared by other men who consider pornography as a fap tool and not a dramatic experience. That’s it, folks.

And, all that’s left is to declare:

I want to cucumber Katy and Rita!

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