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Sexbots BaDoinkVR Review

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Botsex VR

Botsex VR

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Tongue action

Naty Mellow face in VR

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Cowgirl kissing

Sexbots VR feature article header image
January 14, 2016

All right, friends, today we’ll look at BaDoinkVR’s latest effort, Sex Bots, which stars Carolina Abril and Naty Mellow.

It’s becoming evident that the BaDoink boys feel two gals in one VR is a winning formula.

And, if you have no idea what any of this VR stuff is about, just read: How to VR on Android or iPhone.

All right, so let’s look at this movie’s synopsis:
“These two hot sex bots are here to obey everything you command them to do. But trust us, there’s nothing robotic about the way these two move and moan…”

Okay, so the idea of a human-clone-sex-robot taps into a common male, adolescent fantasy: or, at least here in America. I can’t, in good conscience, argue that high school lads in Somalia or Afghanistan are fantasizing about sex robots. Hell, I really can’t even make that claim for America. Okay, I was just talking about me! When I was a young chap, I dreamed about sex robots! And, why am I using the term chap?
All right, moving along… in these VRs, there are three main things I consider: the models; virtual scaling; and the positioning of performers and cameras. Now, in our recent awards, BaDoinkVR did quite well.

You see, in the 2015 VR Porn Movie Awards presented by FindVRporn, BaDoinkVR’s effort with Alexa and Jimena was my personal, second choice pick for best movie of the year.

And, in the 2015 Awards for Most Creative VR Porn Movies presented by, BaDoinkVR won two out of the three spots: Blondie Fesser in Harley Gets A Tune-up and Nora Barcelona + Mistress Minerva for their VR insanity!

So, as a VR porn reviewer, I have developed high expectations for the BaDoinkVR boys. So, let’s first talk about what was done right with this latest effort.

1. Carolina Abril and Naty Mellow: these are two beautiful gals with VR experience. They understand how to work the VR camera rig. And, they show their skill in this movie.

2. The virtual scaling: it was on-point. BaDoink has gotten very good at this.

3. The set-up: I’m not too big on plot, but I do like a juicy contextual, set-up. And, the sex bots works for me. As mentioned, it taps into that whole crazy adolescent fantasy domain.

4. Close-ups: the cowgirl footage felt right. The women’s faces stayed close to the camera at times, and it was immersive.

Okay, let’s talk about what could have been improved:

1. My only real criticism here is that there could have been a greater variety of sexual positions. With this movie, we basically were given blowjobs and cowgirls. And, like I said: that was all competently executed. However, I’m still remembering the positioning employed when BaDoink filmed Alexa and Jimena. I’d like to see that repeated.

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