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Angelina Brill Shower VR

January 21, 2016

All right, friends, a new day is here. And, today we’re going to consider Angelina Brill’s latest VR effort, Shower Pound-Her, brought to us by the BaDoink boys.

Vr Couch Guy watching Angelina

Vr Couch Guy watching Angelina

Angelina Brill in shower

Angelina Brill handjob

Angie plays with the salami

Angie tongue job

Angie tongue job

Let’s talk about Angelina Brill.

Okay, so Ms. Brill is a young porn gal hailing from Hungary. She has a pierced navel. And, that’s all the intel my intensive research produced.

A friendly suggestion to all porn gals: have a Twitter account that’s easy to find.

Angelina pussy rub

Angelina pussy rub

So, friends…I review these VR porns based on three factors. Additionally, I always include pictures from the VR movie…because, there’s a saying about how a picture equals a large sum of words. But, don’t you also think that sometimes a picture can even be…wait for it…beyond words!

Angelina Brill lean back cowgirling

Angelina Brill lean back cowgirling

Okay, the three VR porn review variables:

1. The woman: appearance, performance, etcetera.
2. Scaling: do the proportions of things look right?
3. Positioning: this concerns the camera positioning and also sexual configuring. In many cases, the most important part is a lot of close-ups.

Okay, let’s first discuss what BaDoink did right with this movie:

1. Angelina Brill: she’s a good-looking brunette gal with an hourglassy sort of figure. And, that works for me. Pretty face. Very good. They get right to it with the curvy sexpot. You fire up the movie and there’s Angelina: pointing the shower head at those sweet titty-boppers. I like those little pointy nips, too. And, I like those hips. Oh, friends…I’ve said it before: I love me a skinny girl that’s got some hips and an ass on her.

2. Angelina’s hair: Yep, this gets a separate point. Because I love long-and-just-slightly-wavy, dark hair draping down the sides of a pretty gal face.

Angelina Brill finger suck cowgirl

Like this upright cowgirl camera perspective

3. The shower scene: the movie begins with Ms. Brill in the shower. As I’ve discussed before, BaDoinkVR favors introducing novel elements into their movies. This is definitely appreciated.

4. Close-ups: It would appear BaDoink’s been listening to the feedback. And, again they’ve given us some close-ups of Angelina’s pretty face and vajayjay.

5. Angelina’s mouth talents: Angie likes sucking! You can tell! This young lady’s not faking it…

6. Cowgirl scaling: I’ve spoken recently that BaDoink’s scaling has gotten very good. And, when it’s on-point, there’s not much more to be said except it looks great. And, the cowgirling where Angie’s leaning into the camera: fantastico!

Reverse cowgirl camera perspective, as in the picture below, is somewhat tricky. I’ll have to discuss that another time.
Angelina Brill reverse cowgirl
7. The sound: Look, I don’t know if it’s just my imagination, but I think the sound quality in this movie was considerably better than in other BaDoinkVRs. Is this just in my mind?

8. Eye contact: Almost forgot this, but it’s important. Angelina made some solid eye contact. Good.

Okay, now let’s consider where, in my opinion, this movie could have been improved:

1. The water droplets on the shower door: In a way, I liked this and didn’t. On the one hand, the view was a bit obscured. On the other, the viewer really feels like he walked into the bathroom and sees his gal taking a shower. Maybe I’m being too picky on that one.

It’s interesting because we can observe the VR Couch Guy waiting for Angela as she dries off. And, there is an interesting realism created. At least for those of us who have ever had a girlfriend who showered once in a while.

Angelina Brill good cowgirl perspective

Oh, this is how cowgirl should be done

2. More teasing: Sure, the shower footage served as a tease, but you know…I’m beginning to think that in VR there almost can’t be too much teasing. I would have had Angie do a tease-dance in front of the VR Couch Guy.

3. Cowgirl lean back: The cowgirl leaning-forward footage rocked. There was some cowgirl leaning-back footage. I’m beginning to think that VR really doesn’t need any of that.

4. More sexual positions: While the cowgirling and suck job were well-filmed, BaDoink has, in other efforts, offered stand-up, doggy and missionary. So, this movie could have provided more variety.

Angelina Brill nice ass

That ass!

5. More close-ups of Angelina’s face: As mentioned, good close-up footage was provided. However, with VRs there almost can’t be too much close-up action.

Cum on Angelina's tits

Tits… babe

All things considered…just like most of BaDoinkVR’s films…I had a good time with this one.

All right, friends, I hope you enjoyed this outing. At this point, about all that’s left is your declaration:

I want to shower with Angelina Brill …and hump her, too!

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