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Amirah Adara’s Your Virtual Trainer

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Amira Adara as porn trainer

Hi Amira

January 22, 2016


All right, friends, another day is here. And, today we’re going to consider Virtual Real Porn’s latest release, featuring Ms. Amirah Adara.

Amirah VR pulls shorts down

Keep those shorts down, girl

It’s a 16 minute effort called Personal Trainer. And, the idea—as you might imagine—is that the Hungarian honey is training you.

So, in reviewing VR porn movies, there are a few aspects I always consider:

1. The performer: an evaluation of the gal…her looks, performance, enthusiasm, hair style, intangibles, etc.

2. The virtual scaling: do things look right? Or, is the gal’s head the size of a jumbo jet while her torso is like a pipe cleaner?

3. Positioning: both camera and sexual positioning are considered. As a general rule, close-ups are desired by many viewers.

Okay, let’s look at part of this movie’s official synopsis:
“Imagine that Amirah Adara, the Hungarian beauty, is your personal trainer. She’s really bossy and all she demands is you to fuck her in the ass.”

Now, this whole gym genre taps into something juicy in the man mind. I spend some time in the weight room myself. And, when you do that…one thing you’re sure to see is a lot of fine gals with gorgeous backsides restrained in skintight spandex.

Hey man…if it weren’t for that…I wouldn’t get to the gym as often!

There ain’t no reason to wear spandex pants three sizes too small except to excite stranger men. Look, you’re not supposed to say that, but this is how the game works.

Amirah blow job

Amirah blow job

That brings us to Amirah Adarah…what do we really know about this Hungarian porn star? Well, my intensive research has revealed the following:

1. She’s Hungarian.
2. She was born in 1992.
3. She’s makes porn movies.

Amirah squatting sex

Squat on me, baby!

All right, let’s talk about what Virtual Real Porn did right in this movie:

1. As mentioned, the trainer/gym context. A lot of horny, psychic energy in this set-up.

2. Amirah Adara: Amirah’s the type of gal that virtually everyone will find pretty. A skinny brunette with a bubble butt. In fact, it’s rather remarkable that such a skinny little gal has such a prominent posterior. And, Ms. Adara knows it’s remarkable. A look over her Twitter feed reveals plenty of pics that focus on her greatest…um … asset.

Amirah stand up fuck


3. Scaling: VRP almost always does a good job with this. And, this movie’s no different. Things look right.

4. Close-ups: The viewer was provided with some nice close-up camera shots on Amirah’s pretty face. What your realize after a while with these virtual sex movies is that there’s a sweet-spot distance. Just as in reality it’s possible to be to close. The same is true in virtual reality.


For instance, in actual reality, things would look weird if you put your eyeballs ten centimeters from a beautiful woman’s nose. That wouldn’t be very inspiring. Well, in VR the same holds true. There’s a perfect distance. And, it’s difficult to get right.

There were points in this movie where VRP’s camera distance from Amirah’s face was on-point. It’s beginning to seem like this is one of the more difficult tasks of the VR content producer. Czech VR has also figured this out, but we’ve observed them along the way: including their unsuccessful efforts that proved instructive.

5. Positioning: This movie gave us reverse stand-up for the action. In one case,

Finger your asshole, baby


the strumpet’s upright. In another, she’s squatting.

Additionally, I must add: this is a welcome switch from cow.

What could have been improved with this movie?

Okay, Virtual Real Porn, as always, did a lot of things right. Now, let me give my opinion of what could have been better.

1. More close-ups on the woman’s face: I make this criticism of every VR porn movie that comes across my viewer.

2. The exercise outfit is intrinsically sexy. And, the clothed-teasing in the beginning was great! But…

There should have been more close-ups on Amirah’s clothed body. And, the scenario was ripe for VR footage of Amirah bending over, stretching, etc.

3. For the stand-up sex…is it possible to, at moments, have the camera lean in closer to Amirah? This would create a greater

Amirah stand up sex in shower

Can’t get enough of this!


All things considered, this was a good effort that broke from the VR template. And, now all that’s left is your declaration:

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