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Waking Up With Carla Crouz

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Hi friends, today we’ll be discussing BaDoinkVR’s latest virtual sex movie, Wake Up N’ Fuck. I remember when I was in high school. We did this thing called wake-n-bake. It involved a bong. And, eating a lot of Fruity Pebbles.

Carla strips in virtual porn

Take it off

Carla Crouz pretty face

That’s a pretty Hungarian face!

Carla about to mount

Carla Crouz: shove that pussy this way, girl!

Carla Crouz doggy style big pic

Carla double doggy

Carla Crouz eating cum

Carla wants cum!

Carla Crouz upright cowgirl

Passionate cowgirl performed by Carla Crouz for BaDoink VR in January 2016

Glamorous suck job

Glamorous suck job

passionate cowgirl picture

Passionate cowgirl performed by Carla Crouz for BaDoink VR in January 2016

Let’s get to business here.

The topic is BaDoink’s latest VR, starring the brunette beauty, Ms. Carla Crouz.

And, what do we really know about Ms. Crouz?

I mean…what do we really know about her?

I ask you that! Besides that she looks like a Victoria’s Secret model.

Look, Carla could be a Victoria’s Secret model. Well, she’s another Hungarian beauty. I’ve said it before… you know, they got some good lady DNA out in those parts!

All right, this movie’s premise: you wake-up and fuck Carla. Sounds good… I think all of us fellas, at some point, have pulled a wake and wack.

Okay, if you’ve read this blog before, you know there’s three main things I consider when doing these reviews:

1. The woman: her appearance, passion, performance, etc.
2. The virtual scaling: do things look right?
3. The camera and human positioning: often this comes down to whether there’s enough close-up footage.

All right, so as to Carla: she’s beautiful. Just look at the pictures. And, she doinks dong with a believable passion. No phony moaning nonsense. Just the real emanations of a Hungarian sex machine

Believe me, if Carla were your gal, you wouldn’t be able to keep up with the hussy. I can tell.

Now, about the scaling. I thought it was fine. Truth is… I’ve felt that BaDoinkVR has gotten the scale at least decent since their first release. However, I noticed they made this remark concerning Carla’s VR: “We’ve heard your feedback regarding the scaling and we feel like we’ve corrected the issue.”

That was a cabeza-scratcher—as the kids say—for me. But, I’m going to guess this feedback was from the Oculus folks. I’ve been using a Homido all along, and I’ve praised BaDoink’s scaling. It’s never perfect. Sure. None of the companies, at this point, are achieving perfection imo.

But, it’s been good enough to enjoy. Sometimes the woman feels a bit too big. But, I can live with that and still, in good conscience, give them my recommendation.

Okay, so as to positioning: we mainly got cowgirl, reverse cow and a BJ culminating with man cream to the tongue.

And, some cowgirl footage was immersive and excellent. Much of the time, Carla was upright (good!), and the scale worked for me.

When the video’s scale is on-point, there’s sometimes not much more to be said besides, “Man, that was a good-looking woman in some fine VR action.”

But, let’s talk about how this movie could have been improved:

1. Offer more positions: Sure, it’s good to see Carla cowgirling, but BaDoinkVR should think back to when they filmed Jimena doggy and Alexa getting rocked missionary.

2. Less lean-back cowgirl: The upright cowgirl rocked. The lean-back cow, not so much.

3. More close-ups on Carla’s face: man, does Carla ever have a pretty gal face. The camera got close a bit. But, it would have been nice to have more of that.

4. That’s about it.

This was a good VR with a fine-looking woman. I will wack to it again.

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