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Kayla Returns In Color

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All right, friends, today we’re going to discuss Kayla Green in Virtual Real Porn’s, Thank You.

Kayla Green big tits and nipples VR

Oh, colorful Kayla baby!

You may recall that VRP took the novel and bold approach of releasing this in black-and-white.

And, I discussed how much I enjoyed that.

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So, most of the analysis from last time still applies. You folks don’t need me to go through that again

So, why did VRP release a color version?

Kayla Green sucks dildo

Oh, suck Kayla!

My guess… I saw some complaining online about the black-and-white version. Some folks just don’t have that artistic mindset, man!

So, I get everybody’s got to capitulate to market demands. Believe me, I get that all too well.

But, here’s what I don’t understand. It appears like the black-and-white version’s not even available on the VRP site anymore. It’s like some sort of George Orwell 1984 anti-black-and-white-vr-porn down the memory hole sort of thing, man!

I think there’s one real question here. One thing worth discussing…

Which version of the movie is better? The black-and-white or color version?

So, I know this seems like the easy way out, but I don’t think there’s a right answer to that. It depends on the viewer.

Kayla Green legs spread dildo vr


Okay, man…. so, which version do YOU think is better?

Now, you’re going to tell me my noncommittal response is a wussy answer… and, I agree with you! … but, I like both versions. I mean, have you seen the size of Kayla’s nipples, man! Even sepia couldn’t dampen their rowdiness. Is rowdiness a word? Must I put rowdiness in bold letters every Goddamn time?

And, the real question: in the history of human life on earth, has anyone ever before used rowdy as an adjective to describe gal nipples?

Glamorous Kayla Green in pantyhose

Glamorous Kayla Green in pantyhose

So, I typed “rowdy nipples” into the Google, and what the fuck do you know… the first result:

“What do you think of my rowdy nipples?”

The gal in the picture’s got a shirt on, but I’m not linking to it because it says, “I’m 17 years old from Ireland.” So, no! I’m not linking a rowdy nipple tangent to a 17 year old!

18 is the age that’s been established for linking to rowdy nipples… even if the gal’s wearing a tee shirt! I don’t care, man!

Not even tee-shirt covered, rowdy nipples will make it on this blog unless you’re at least…

Kayla doggy dildo

Double Kayla doggy dildo!

Oh, never mind!

Okay, so Kayla’s over eighteen! I think she’s twenty-two. And, let me tell you… nipples don’t get much rowdier than Kayla’s!

Okay, so which version did I like better?

Okay, I’m going to give my answer:

Oh, those gigantic tits!

Do you like Kayla Green better in black and white or color?

Do you like Kayla Green better in black-and-white?

1. The black-and-white is better for a dreamy sort of session. It has an appealing ethereal quality. It’s my sincere hope that VRP occasionally releases a black-and-white version next to the color version. I’m not expecting that to happen, though.

2. The color’s better for an angry session. That doesn’t make sense? I know, but it makes sense to me. Maybe one must meditate on the deeper meaning of an angry session.

Okay, my answer was lame. But, I’m lame, man! You guys act like I’m the Ernie Hemmingway of VR porn reviewing.

Kayla dildos pussy


But, the question’s like asking me what’s better between Pizza Hut and McDonald’s. I can’t answer those sort of questions!

…Or, for my classier readers, What’s better between a steak and a lobster? Or, for my vegetarian readers, What’s better between a tomato dipped in ranch dressing and a cucumber dipped in balsamic?

I wonder how many vegetarian VR porn enthusiasts there are out there? All vegetarian VR porn people please make your presence known by leaving a comment. Vegetarianvrpornenthusiast.com? I told you this was getting stupid!

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