Open Letter From The Lovense Team

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Okay friends, today we’ll consider an open letter published by an innovative sex toy company, Lovense. The open letter is addressed to “everyone who bought Max for VR Porn, from the LOVENSE team…

First, let me commend this Lovense executive for his candor. And, the very act of issuing this open letter suggests good things about the Lovense organization. I anticipate success for this company.

Lovense Nora female masturbator

This, I believe, is the Lovense Nora female fancy high-tech dildo

All right, so what is Lovense?

Well, when I load up their web page, I’m greeted by this big-lettered message:

“Sex Tech For Every Bedroom
Use teledildonics to improve your sex life!”

How would I have phrased the greeting?

Use technology for a horny, long distance sex life!

Why ain’t I in the boardroom geting paid? Cause I’m a dropout? Well, there’s a free one, boys.
VR Porn Reviewer Makes Bold Claim: You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

man lovesense masturbator picture

This is the male Lovense.. I think he’s called “Max”

My suggestion is that I’d have thought twice about including the word teledildonics in their headline.


Because, people don’t know what teledildonics is…

This raises an important question:

What Is Teledildonics? You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

So, I clicked on their site a bit and came to this:

“Our interactive sex toys allow couples to have long distance sex. When you move your toy, the other reacts- enabling lovers to connect and play together regardless of the distance! Check out the video now!”

All right, so they got a gizmo called Nora. And, a gizmo called Max. It appears Nora goes up a pootanannie while Max slides over a man rocket. Um, let’s consult Lovense for further explanation:

“Max – Our second generation male sex toy … we integrated smartphone technology … It was the first male masturbator that was able to be controlled via a smartphone app. The air pumping design made this one of the most interesting masturbation sleeves to be released that year.”

Okay, let’s briefly—very briefly!—consider how that excerpt could be better.

Lovense says, “It was the first male masturbator that was able to be controlled via a smartphone app. The air pumping design made this one of the most interesting masturbation sleeves to be released that year.”

Phone app to control Lovense

Phone app to control Lovense says,
“Finally, a male masturbator controllable by a phone app! This is Goddamn interesting! Admit it! Try it! You won’t believe what happens next!”

Okay, so at this point I believe we’re starting to get an idea of how Lovense is selling itself. It’s basically tech for long distance, mutual masturbation sessions.

Now do you see why I said this?

Use technology for a horny, long distance sex life!

The goal’s to make money. The goal ain’t to introduce new lingo! The lingo awareness will come with time! That will happen organically.

Let’s see what else Lovense has to add:

“When you slide the masturbator onto your penis, the head of her sex toy will begin rotating. The faster you move the toy up and down, the faster her vibrator moves!”

Ladies lovense toy picture

Interesting idea

“When you move your vibrator, the air pump in his sex toy will start pumping air, which mimics vaginal contractions. The speed of your movements dictate the level of contractions and vibrations he feels.”

Okay. So, that took a while, but I think I’ve got the idea, now. Do you?

But, I guess things got a little dicey when the Lovense boys teamed up with VRP, who, not surprisingly, wanted to incorporate this technology into VR Porn.

That only makes sense. The holy grail of VR Porn is complete immersion. And, it’s easy to understand how an automatic masturbator (corresponding to the VR movie’s movements) would go a long way towards this goal. Though, my first thought: this sounds fucking complicated.

And, reading the open letter…it seems, indeed it was.

So, now let’s give the Lovense boys the opportunity to share their letter.
Open Letter From Lovense

“From what I’ve seen, the majority of people who purchased our toys for VR Porn were not impressed. Some of you have been very vocal about that on this sub- we respect that…

To be honest, our current toys were not designed to be used for VR Porn (or handsfree orgasms). They were designed to be used by long distance couples.

Background on all of this

It just so happened that our toys were some of the only bluetooth toys on the market.. VirtualRealPorn contacted us asking if we would be willing to assist them with integration. They examined the toys and did the development- we just provided technical assistance. Why would we say no? We didn’t expect much- we were kind of testing the market. Then, we got huge news and things kind of blew up. This openness of users to try the idea, was overwhelming.

Long story short, the end user experience fell short of most users’ expectations. We take some responsibility and apologize for that. Looking back, we should have written in the contract that we would get final approval of the integration before it was released. Can’t change that now, though- we have to honor the agreement.

Finding a solution

To attempt to make things better, about 8 months ago, we decided to focus some of our resources on creating a toy specifically for this market (based on what we’ve read, the other toy that works with VR also isn’t great)… we saw the opportunity was here for the taking. We decided we would create a toy that thrusts/strokes as that would be optimal for mimicking porn.

We spent a lot of time researching existing products like this and also anticipating problems users might have. Main issues with existing toys are:

  1. Hard to clean
  2. Thrusting mechanism usually extends past the end of toy. This design will cause it to stop when there’s any pressure (like holding it up against the body)
  3. Many are super loud
  4. Most are HUGE
  5. Hard to stabilize the sleeve

Tried to tackle number 1, 2, 4 and 5 immediately… Our hardware team argued through over 20 different designs before picking this one:

Lovense design

Lovense design

Hardware – The first prototype and our plan!

We started making the prototype first prototype since the middle of last month. The casing is all handmade. We actually just got the first prototype yesterday. BEWARE, it is a bit rough (but it’s a start)! Here are some videos:

As you can see, it’s kind of loud at the moment. We thought the best way to solve the sound levels would be by making the first prototype and then seeing which components are making the most noise. By optimizing the materials, we should be able to eliminate any excess noise. That’s something we’re beginning to focus on now.

The prototype molds for the TPE are not ready. Once that is done, we need to test and optimize the sleeve. Basically we need to make it stable during thrusting, while having a pleasurable texture that can feel real.

Another major thing we’ve got to do is figure out the best way to make this easily sync-able to the VR content. If the thrusts are off, it won’t be immersive. We already have some ideas, but they need to be tested!

*If anyone has ideas on how to do this, it would be great to let us know =) *


In addition to the hardware, we plan on creating some software that will be really useful to VR porn enthusiasts. Can’t reveal too much about the software that will accompany this, but we think it will be well-received! Maybe in the future, as we get closer to launch, I can provide a preview of that.

Going Forward

We will have the sleeve insert prototype molds done by the end of February. By then, we should have another version of this prototype that has all the components (battery, pcb, possibly the suction cup stand thing)… Then, we can actually start testing and optimizing everything =)

After we finish optimizing everything, we’ll pay for the final tooling, place orders for all the components and work on the software side of things as we’re waiting for the molds to finish. We’re hoping everything comes together and to produce the first batch before the middle of the year.

What does that mean for you?

Well, if you’ve purchased our Max toy and intended to use it for VR, we’re thinking about you… We cannot send out free units of this new toy, but we feel terrible for everyone who purchased our current toy for VR Porn, but felt the experience was bad. Thinking of ways we can make it up to you guys. If anybody wants to discuss that, we’re open to ideas.

TL;DR – Basically we just want to let all VR porn enthusiasts who bought our toy know that we understand the issues and we’re sorry. Not sure where else to post this- this seems to be the most active community and I see our toys talked about on here. Please know our team is working very hard to create a much better toy that is fully optimized for VR porn and we’re going to try to make it up to everyone. As the title says, it is an open letter- feel free to share it with other VR Porn communities if they’ve mentioned our toys!


Okay, so there’s Lovense’s open letter
. I bet a lot of folks confuse the name Lovense with Lovesense. Anyway..

What are my impressions of Lovense’s letter?

I respect the forthright and candid approach. I really do.

Ultimately…this stuff is the future of VR Porn. You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

I mean… You don’t need to be Nostradamus to see what’s coming down the line. Pretty soon VR porn will be indistinguishable from reality.

And, when I say pretty soon … I’m talking 2nd generation consumer versions of Oculus and Vive. I mean… this is just around the corner.

The general public really doesn’t know what’s going to hit them technologically, culturally and spiritually.

The truth is we’re not far from that right now.

And, it’s inevitable that companies will develop devices to further make the masturbation experience indistinguishable from two-person, sexual reality. No stopping it. This open letter references the first attempt.

Not surprisingly, there were some hiccups.

The second attempt will be much better. Wait until you see the tenth attempt.  If you want to get teledildonicky, click here. If you want to get some excellent VR porn: click here.

If you actually read this far… well, thanks. This turned out to be a bit more involved than I expected. Keep on keeping on, Lovense.

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