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Pussykat’s Virtual Dance Lesson

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Pussykat glamour pose

Pussykat glamour pose

February 9, 2016

All right, friends, today we’re going to consider Virtual Real Porn’s latest effort: Dance Lesson, starring Ms. Pussykat and Leyluken. And, this is some interesting, horny stuff.

Now, Pussykat’s a French gal of Vietnamese ancestry: and, most VR porns to date have featured white gal twatnastics.

(If any info is inaccurate, feel free to leave a comment. For the record, if I’m ever wrong: I blame the Internet!)

I think this Pussykat release will find a receptive audience because lots of fellas get all-sorts-of-horny-inspired by Asian women.

To me, that comes as little surprise as the Asian gals tend to be skinny and petite… with pretty faces and straight hair. I mean… those are the qualities that work for this man fella. So, if you’ve been hankering for a sexy Asian woman in some virtual porn: your wait is over!

All right, let’s move this along…

Here’s what the VRP boys have to say about their latest effort (edited):
“Pussykat’s got a new dance. And, she’ll do anything to make hubby enjoy it: including floor sex! (Folks, you haven’t lived if you’ve never had a fuck on the floor.) Fire up your headsets and prepare for an array of jobs: foot, tit, hand and blow. Then some cowgirl and anal action: culminating with man cream in Pussykat’s backdoor.

Okay, so this has my man interest piqued. That’s to say: I want to see Pussykat’s new dance!

All right, first let me explain the three main factors that determine these reviews. Are these the only three factors? Man, you ask me that question every review! No, intangibles are considered too, man!

Pussykat panties to side cowgirl

Panties to the side!

Hang on a second. I’ve got to turn off this Internet radio.

Okay, moving along… the three factors:

Pussykat fingered


1. The woman: you know… it really all does—sort of—come down to the gal. I mean… no matter how skillful the video folks are… there just ain’t no making a Constance Wu out of a Margaret Cho.

Now, if you don’t know who Constance Wu is… well, educate yourself, son! It’s a big world, and she’s one fine Taiwanese noodle, man!

As far as Ms. Cho… well, if you don’t know… keep it that way, man!

Now, as the famous Taiwanese saying goes, “A VR porn’s success all comes down to the gal.”

I believe the Taiwanese philosopher Lao Hoochie first said this in 1274 at the third annual VR Porn convention.

2. The scaling: do things look correct and proportional?

Or, does her head look like a box of fortune cookies balancing on a chopstick?

3. Positioning: of the woman and cameras.

Are there enough close-ups? Close-ups are crucial! And, that ain’t no… wait for it… ancient Chinese secret.

Moving along…

All right, let’s talk about what was done right in this movie:

Okay, so we’re going to discuss what VRP did right.

Pussykat's pussy

Pussykat’s um… pussykat

1. Pussykat: it’s pretty simple, I think…

…if you’re a fella who has been craving virtual content featuring an Asian woman: I’d have to think that Ms. Pussykat will fit the bill.


Well, she’s a pretty gal with a nice figure, who puts some passion into her work.

2. The scaling: This was mostly on-point. Virtual Real Porn almost always does a good job with this.

3. The panties-to-side cowgirl: the cowgirl perspective was good.

And, what is it about panties-pulled-to-side cowgirl that I find so incredibly horny!

4. The bent-over shot: there’s a moment where I think Pussykat might have bumped her pootanannie against the camera lens!

5. Close-ups on Pussykat’s face: these face close-ups are always a good thing.

6. This is another solid video from VRP.

What about this movie could have been improved?:

1. Okay, the cowgirl offered was shot well. But, it’s always nice to get a few other positions thrown in.

Pussykat wild cowgirl

Pussykat wild cowgirl

2. The footjob: I’m just not sure this does it for me in VR.

3. More close-ups on Pussykat’s face: yes, they were offered, but you know the common refrain in these reviews.

4. That’s about it. Another competent VR from Virtual Real Porn.

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