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All right, friends, today let’s consider The Wet Massage, starring Ms. Kinsley Eden and Chad White.

Kinsley Eden pussy doggy style

Kinsley Eden pussy doggy style

All right, let’s talk about what was done right in this movie:

Kinsely Eden doggy style for Naughty America VR

Great Kinsley doggy VR!

1. Kinsley: I already went through the whole gym thing. She looks like the girl next door type who the neighborhood boys fantasize about as they wack their willies in the shower.

Kinsley in massage robe

Kinsley in massage robe

2. Positioning and scale: probably this movie’s best aspect is the offering of both missionary and doggy style at a horny, big scale. I’ve seen some folks complain that in NA VRs the scale is too big. It

Kinsley Eden virtual missionary position

Great VR missionary feel

doesn’t strike me that way. Or, I should perhaps say, the scale feels big to me in a good way.

3. The VR doggy style footage: I notice that a lot of VRs kill the hornyness of the doggy footage because it’s scaled too small and feels too distant. In this movie, the sizing feels excellent. Behold:

tanline ass Kinsley Eden

Oh, the tanlined ass!

4. The VR missionary: Again, I imagine VR missionary must be technically difficult to shoot, because it often feels too far away. Not in this case. Well done.

3. 41 minutes: Hey, this VR—like most things I write—is on the long side. You’re getting your money’s worth, boys!

4. Kinsley’s tanlines: You know, I wish there were a law requiring all pretty, young women have tanlines!

What about this movie could have been improved?:

Kinsley Eden

A pretty gal, indeed…

1. You know, I enjoyed this effort. My main suggestion is that the camera should have spent much more time lingering close-up on Kinsley’s pretty, gym girl face. But, you know, I make a similar criticism of every VR I review here.

2. Cowgirl lean forward: I liked the big-feeling scale to the cowgirling, particulary when Kinsley leaned forward. The lean-back stuff, I commented about that elsewhere.

That’s about it, folks.

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