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Chelsy Sun Rides The Rocket

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Chelsy Sun undressing picture

Get those pants off, Chelsy baby

Hi friends, how is everyone?

As for me, I’m languishing… I’m languishing, man.

All right, so…today we’ll be reviewing Czech VR 29, starring Ms. Chelsy Sun. We’ve already seen her solo twice…

so, it’s about dang time we take things to the next level…

Friends, I’m going to do something I usually don’t. I’m going to give you an article summary:

Chelsy Sun plays with cock

Chelsy loves cock!

Chelsy Sun’s a pretty red thing, and she fucks in this VR like a street gal cowgirling for soup money so her family doesn’t starve to death.

The scaling and distance is rather horny-inspiring, though there could have been greater sexual variety and more facial close-ups.

Okay, so… let’s see how the the Czech boys describe their latest effort (lightly-edited):
“It’d be a shame not to VR fuck this awesome gal. And, after watching her pussy antics, we know that redhead saying’s true! And when it’s a redhead from Czech VR, you know it’s gonna be horny, baby.”

Chelsy Sun doggies her pussy out

Oh Chelsy doggy!

I do these reviews based upon three main factors:

Chelsy Sun virtual cowgirl

Oh, my Chelsy cowgirl!

1. The woman: You know, this part’s important. A VR porn is just much more enjoyable when the gal looks a lot more like Chelsy Sun than Rosie.

2. The scaling: do things look correct and proportional? Or is the woman’s head the size of a truck balancing atop a Slurpee straw?

3. Positioning: of the women and cameras.

Close-ups are much-desired.

It’s also great to get some variety of sexual positions.

All right, let’s talk about what was done right in this movie and where there’s room for improvement:

Whore Chelsy Sun open mouth

Chelsy catching flies

1. Chelsy Sun: I like her. She’s a pretty Czech thang. Sexy baby. I’ve discussed her quite a bit already here.

2. Sexual positioning: You know, it’s weird… because I’m kind of burnt-out on VR reverse cow and BJs, but for whatever reason… I liked Chelsy’s blowjob footage.

I think it’s because you can tell Chelsy really loves sucking on a fella’s baseball bat. Some gals are like that. They’re the keepers, man!

So, sure… I like Chelsy. I’d probably punch my best friend in the face if it meant an opportunity to slide my pencil into her pocketbook. At the same time, this is the third Chelsy VR in a quick period.

For whatever reason… I enjoyed Chelsy’s reverse cowgirl. I’m usually not much for this in virtual reality. The mysteries of life…

3. Scaling: the scale was excellent. This is typical for Czech.

4. Close-ups: the camera got close to Chelsy’s tits and face at times. As usual, I wanted more close-up time.

All in all: another good one from Czech VR.

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