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Aidra Fox and Alexis Monroe VR Porn with Charles Dera – Naughty VR

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Alexis Monro Charles Derra Aidra Fox

Everyone’s legs before they get to work…

All right, friends, today we’re going to discuss the just-released, NA VR: Naughty Stepsisters, starring Charles Dera, Aidra Fox and Alexis Monroe. We’ve seen Adira Fox VR porn before. And, concerning Alexis Monroe VR porn…that’s something to be seen. And, Charles Dera: this guy’s a stud!

Cock-owners are porn’s unsung heroes, man!

So, sure… I’m being a little humorous with the title of this, but you get the idea. A fella’s lucky to even get his name listed. Or, so it seems…

I mean… big ole, muscle man Charles Dera must deadlift like a motherfucker to maintain that male porn physique. Well… I’m taking a whiskey shot right now for you, Chucky boy… (Hope I don’t get too drunk to write this thing, though.)

And, I’m also following Charles’ advice:

“Beware the imposters!”

I’m right there with you Charles. This world’s filled with con artists, crooks, defective malcontents and no-good imposter bastards!
Though, the whole thing makes me wonder: who exactly is impersonating Mr. Dera?

Moving along

This movie also features Aidra Fox and Alexis Monroe. Or, should I say, this movie also features Alexis Monroe and Aidra Fox?

Alexis and Aidra in a Naughty America VR scene

Alexis and Aidra

These two-gal-VR movies cause a special dilemma. Whose name do you list first? You might think this doesn’t matter. Believe me, this is exactly the type of stuff that matters to people. So, I’m listing Charles Dera as the title! But, before I decided that…

I figured I’d look at the NA blog for some guidance. They list the names in this order: “Naughty Stepsisters” – New VR Porn Experience starring Aidra Fox and Alexis Monroe

Alexis Monroe shows tits in Naughty Stepsisters VR

Oh, yea!

However, the VR box cover lists Alexis first.

Listen guys, I’m just going in alphabetical order by first name. And, the i comes before l. Hey, I don’t want a uproar about this!

You guys get so caught-up in minutiae (that means little details) that you’re throwing my game off. My new review style was… I wanted to incorporate an article summary at the very beginning.

I wanted to get more to the point.

Alexis Monroe doggy style pussy pose in Naughty Stepsisters VR

Oh, hell yea.. Alexis has a beautiful doggy style in Naughty Stepsisters VR!

But, you won’t let me get to the point. I didn’t want to just forever get sucked off the tangent like what happens when an unemployed pervert’s headed to a job interview and he inadvertently wanders by the porno store.

Trio VR pussy pose in Naughty Stepsisters VR

Yep, yep…

You know, this blog’s readers remind me of that saying about not seeing the forest because you got your electron microscope fixed firmly on a dogwood tree.

I’m not good at quoting profound sayings, man! I ain’t good at much. You don’t believe me? Just look at this review, man!

Okay, so… let’s see how the Naughty Boys describe their latest effort:
“Have you ever wanted two chicks at the same time? How about two step sisters at the same time. Experience it with the newest Naughty America VR scene.”

One thing I like about the Naughty synopses these days is that I don’t have to edit it…

VR Porn Review Factors

I do these reviews based upon four main factors:

1. Does the movie star Charles Dera? And, if not… why not, man!

2. The women

3. The scaling: do things look correct and proportional? Or is a gal’s head jumbo-jet-sized while her torso’s like a matchbox car?

4. Positioning: of the women and cameras. Close-ups are much-desired. It’s also great to get some variety of sexual positions.

All right, let’s talk about what was done right in this movie and where there’s room for improvement:

Aidra cowgirl vr in Naughty Stepsisters VR

Looking damn good, Aidra!

1. Charles Dera: Mr. Dera forcefully performed and showed his mastery over the virtual elements. You know, this post has been sort of facetious: about how little attention male pornstars receive… And, sure I understand why that is… I was just having some fun…

But in all seriousness, Charles did just what he was supposed to in this movie.

He competently fucked these women in a manner that allowed the VR viewer to gain an immersive senseVR presence, as they say… So, well done.

And, you know what else? I was reading through his Twitter feed…and, it’s clear that Charles is grateful for his good fortune in life.

This sort of gratitude is a good thing. I’m on the verge of getting corny, but go look for yourself, man!

Alexis Monroe doggy style vr in Naughty Stepsisters VR

Alexis takes it doggy. Beautiful piece of woman.

2. Aidra Fox: love her exotic horny look!

3. Alexis Monroe: She’s like the slutty, blonde who every single guy in the bar wants to take home.

4. Scaling: I’ve come to really appreciate Naughty’s real-world scaling. I think it keeps getting better too. Or, so it seems.

Alexis face Aidra asshole

Love this picture

5. Positioning: there were great, close-up moments on the faces and gal holes of Aidra and Alexis. Virtual close-ups on pretty girl faces is always a wonderful thing. The cowgirl footage felt scaled properly.

And, nice move including doggy and missionary. The doggy felt a little distant…but, it made a fella think of how heavenly it’d be to doggy Alexis.

This VR provided good moments… without a doubt. The type you’ll rewind.

More close-up time on Aidra and Alexis would have been good. I also would have liked to see more clothed teasing from them. I loved the close-up on their faces at the very end. That wraps up the discussion of this Aidra Fox Alexis Monroe VR. This is one to give a chance. And, if you like VR porn threesomes, I’d say it’s a mandatory watch. Enjoy.

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