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Nikki Benz Plays A Virtual Reality… um… Assologist

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Before going any further, let’s get some pictures of this latest Nikki Benz VR porn scene!

Excellent, real-world scaling makes the reverse cowgirl enjoyable

Excellent, real-world scaling makes the reverse cowgirl enjoyable

Passionate VR cowgirl

Naughty America’s Nikki Benz in a passionate cowgirl from the movie, Dr. Nikki Assologist

Nikki Benz big tits green bra picture

The assologist’s got some big funbags beneath the assology white uniform

Nikki Benz as ass doctor

VR missionary can be great when shot properly

VR missionary can be great when shot properly…and, when the camera’s pointing at Ms. Nikki Benz!

Dr. Nikki Assologist

Oh, Dr. Nikki. I … um… need a doctor… BAD!

God damn! There’s an awful lot to like about Ms. Benz. And, she’s a gal who looks fucking spectacular naked in 3D!

Okay, let’s keep going…

All right, let’s talk about what was done right in this movie and where there’s room for improvement:

1. Nikki Benz: well, she’s about as famous as porn stars come. And, no doubt you’ve already got your own opinion. And, let’s face it…

…I ain’t gonna influence your thought patterns one way or another. I accept that, man! People need to accept life, man! People are only influenced by TV commercials… not VR porn reviews!

VR missionary Nikki Benze

Great camera vantage point

2. Scaling: As mentioned earlier, that’s what makes this movie a keeper. NA VR has gotten really damn good at this. Hey, man… I just tell it like it is… if it looked awful, I’d say so…

But, they’re really mastering this big, in-your-face scaling that makes all the difference. It creates a heightened realism.

For instance, during the Nikki cowgirl sections, the illusion is effectively created, optically, that a life-sized woman is bouncing on your lap.

Nikki doggy style

Nikki doggy style

Now, I ain’t saying the illusion’s perfect. Nobody’s achieved perfection, yet. But, it’s getting there. It’d difficult to describe in words, because what I’m really saying is that it feels right. And, when it feels right, all you can really say is it… wait for it… feels right.

3. Positioning: well done. Cowgirl, reverse, stand-up, doggy, missionary. You know what was particularly excellent? The missionary footage. Again, I’ve seen NA progress here. Particularly when Nikki props herself up on her elbows and pushes into the camera…this is how it’s done, son!

And, I thought the doggy footage, technically-speaking, was better than usual.

4. Close-ups: the camera stayed tight most of the time. That’s what you want in VR. My only complaint is the same one I always make. I don’t feel like typing it out again.

Nikki Benz cumshot to face from Chad White picture

They should have held the camera much longer during this shot.

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