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Julia Roca and Silvia Rubi

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lesbian vr love silvia rubi julia roca

Oh, lesbian VR!

Great VR 69 action in this one

Silvia Rubi rowdy cowgirling in this VR

Silvia and Julia kiss

A kiss is sometimes more than just a kiss

Silvia Ruby and Julia Roca doggy style asses

Oh, those sexy asses, baby! I want to mount!

Great VR 69 action in this one

Great VR 69 action in this one

Silvia Ruby doggy pose

Oh, baby

VR Silvia cowgirl fucking

Silvia really gets into her cowgirl.. trust me

Menage A Trois VR feature header image

Kissing cowgirl

Kissing cowgirl

Julia Roca rowdy cowgirl

Julia Roca rowdy cowgirls in this movie!

March 11, 2016
Introductory Part

All right, friends, today we’re going to discuss BaDoink VR’s latest release, Menage a Trois, starring a rowdy duo : that’d be Julia Roca and Silvia Rubi.

Man, lately I’ve been getting some nice emails from people saying they enjoy these articles.

Man, thank you for those!

Official Movie Synopsis:

Let’s see how the BaDoink boys describe their latest effort:
 You just caught hotel employees Silvia and Julia fooling around, but this is only the beginning. After some very hot 69ing, the girls invite you to join for a threesome.

Give Me A Convenient, Time-Saving tl;dr…

All right, I know you good folks have got casseroles in the oven, so don’t burn the house down, man!

What rocks in this VR is… well, first: there’s Julia and Silvia. So, if you like sexy, skinny gals… there you go. And, what rocks is you get 2 VRs in 1: a lesbian half and a man-woman half. Heil diversity, man!

VR Porn Reviewing Scientific Method

I do these reviews based upon three main factors:

1. The women: let’s face it. The woman to VR porn is like the microphone to Harry Connick Jr. Oh man, these analogies are getting worse and worse! And, I just really need… wait for it… humor lessons. Well, the woman matters… like… A LOT! I mean… it’s porn. Isn’t that a no-brainer. Why do I even go through this part!

2. The scaling: do things look correct and proportional? I mean… if the gal’s head’s the size of a hotel bed and her torso’s like the little bell on the hotel desk… well, it just doesn’t work.

3. Positioning: of the women and cameras. Close-ups are much-desired. It’s also great to get some variety of sexual positions. But, it’s more important to get that fancy camera CLOSE to the gal!

All right, let’s talk about what was done right in this movie and where there’s room for improvement:

Okay, so when I saw Julia and Silvia teaming-up, I knew we were off to a good start. Both these gals exude sexy energy. They seem like the type… that if you were around them… the type of gals who have got electric currents shooting from their crotch regions…

You know what I mean? You’ve been around that type of gal before!

I sure didn’t say that elegantly. But, hey… I’m drunk and overworked…

But, yea… we’re talking about Julia and Silvia now. Right. So, what was cool about this VR was you get a two-for-one VR here: the first half is lesbian action and then the latter half gives you the ole hetero fare.

Now, what makes this video stand-out, as mentioned, is Julia and Silvia. These gals ain’t just going through the motions. Seriously. You can tell these are gals who enjoy a frequent mouthful of lady stuff.

And, again… none of this sounds very elegant. But… wait for it… life’s not elegant, man! We’re programmed to reproduce! And, that’s the only thing of which I’m certain!

Now, the cameras mostly stayed pretty close. At times the distance was fantastic. Sometimes, as usual, I wanted the cameras closer.

I’ll tell you what stood out:

The 69: this is what it looks like when you put two gals together who really ENJOY munching the other’s clam chowder! Silvia’s doggy ass in the air… God, you’ll want to mount! The cowgirl: at around 12:40, Silvia’s doing the lean-in cowgirl. This is what you want…

There’s also a section where Julia’s shoving her face at the camera. Good stuff. Wanted that to last longer. And, there’s a part where they’re both kneeling on the counter shoving their asses at you. Oh, man… how you want to get behind them and go back-and-forth pumping.

Granted, it’d be about two pumps before the champagne cork blasts off!

And, Julia reverse cowgirls like a crazed whore! I mean… she bounces with a rapid-frenzy enthusiasm! I’d be able to take about three seconds of that!

So, yea… this is some horny stuff. And, starting next week, BaDoink will be shooting with their new camera rig (as used for Heart Shaped Ass). So, I’d say this is a pretty good time to get yourself BaDonked… or badoinked… hell, you know what I mean…

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