Drilldo Sex Toy from Randy's Roadstop movie

Randy’s Roadstop

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March 12, 2016

Big Naughty News

Randy's Roadstop promotional big graphic poster image

Curious about Randy’s Roadstop? Sounds like it could be fun…

All right, friends, today we’ve got some big news. What sort of big news? Well, let’s start with this large graphic:


Randy’s Roadstop?

March 15th, 2016.


What’s this all about?

What Do We Really Know?

crowd with Google cardboard viewers

What’s Roadstop Randy up to???

Okay, friends this is what we know:

    • This is a Naughty America VR production: however, it is an entirely separate project from their weekly VR porn releases.
    • Update from NA: “[Randy’s Roadstop] is a separate one time purchase, no subscription. Purchase the series all in one transaction. NA VR updates continue as normal.”
    • Randy’s Roadstop is a six episode, virtual reality miniseries.
A bunch of people using Google Cardboard

Roadstop Randy viewing party?

    • Each miniseries episode is about forty-minutes long.
    • The first episode will be released on March 15th.

Time For Another Graphic

Let’s take a look at another graphic:

Randys Roadstop drilldo graphic

This is my first encounter with a drilldo.

The Question Becomes

Hmmm…. So, this drilldo graphic raises an important question:

  • What’s a drilldo?

Now, one might presume it’s a drill combined with a dildo. But, this is Roadstop Randy we’re talking about, here! One never knows.

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