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Checking In With Czech Part 2

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Can you sort of sum things up

Yea. I evaluate VR porns based upon the women, scaling and camera positions.

Karol Lilien beautiful

This looks like the type of gal it’d be easy to fall in love with… am I right? What a beauty…

In these April Czech VRs, I find all the women to be fine. I mean: a skinny, young European gal with a pretty face. What’s not to like, man?

Scaling: Czech pretty much always gets this right. Sometimes things, for me on a Gear, can look a tad narrow, but yea… it’s good.

Cameras: and, that’s the main purpose of this post. I’m saying, folks, keep an eye on what these Czech boys are doing with their camera work, because it’s obvious they’re looking to innovate in this particular aspect.

Karol Lilien doggy with panties to side

Oh, Karol Lilien. I like… looking at you when you’re in this… position!

Whether it’s moving POV VR cameras… or the—possibly coming—moving, multiple 3rd person camera approach that was teased… keep an eye out… it seems like interesting stuff is

on the way.

One thing pretty awesome about the Czech VR boys is they’re quite fond of the doggy close-up… often with the panty-pull. They’re making a lot of pervs rejoice!

What does all this mean?

Well, just that the Czech boys are a major player in the VR porn game. And, I’m curious to see what’s coming next from them.

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