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Czech VR Goes To 3 VR-A-Week Schedule

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I’d say this is pretty excellent news. Czech VR is now releasing 3 VRs a week. Yep. Three virtual porns a week.

So, 12 VR porn movies a month from Czech VR. Well, the truth is… no other company’s releasing movies at this rate.

Czech VR young Euro blondes sex picture

Czech VR specializes in sexy young Euro blondes! What’s not to like, man!

You know, this is pretty awesome. What more can you really say? If you were debating whether or not to subscribe to Czech VR, this is probably a good time to pull the trigger.

The deal I like is 3 months for $49.95.

If you need a bit more info before deciding, I’ve reviewed many of their VR porns complete with lots of pictures.

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