Liza Rowe spread missionary for virtual porn movie

Let’s Get Physical With Liza Rowe VR Porn!

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Liza Rowe Working It Out dvd cover

Liza Rowe in a horny NA VR movie



March 23, 2016

Hi everybody, today we’re going to critique Naughty America’s latest VR release, Working It Out with Liza Rowe.

As you can see in the picture below, I like the whole nostalgic sorta retro, throwback to the 1990s vibe.

I first started falling in love with Liza during her Real Teens VR release. 

And, this one too is also pretty horny-spectacular.

So, before the reviewing part, I’d like to insert a ton of screenshot pictures from this scene because that will give you a pretty good idea of what you get with this release.

So, let’s do just that.

I present you a shitload of Liza Rowe VR porn pictures below!

Liza Rowe naked tanlines

Liza Rowe knows what she’s doing… really like the tanlines: wish they were more prevalent.

Liza Rowe face

Such a pretty face!

Liza Rowe blowjob VR

This gal’s got some real mouth talent!

Liza Rowe VR header image

Liza Rowe

Liza Rowe spread missionary for virtual porn movie

Liza Rowe looks back while getting fucked stand-up style picture

Look back

Liza Rowe stand up sex looking back

Oh, look back baby!

Liza Rowe close-up face picture VR

This is just the type of pretty face that works so well in virtual reality!

Liza Rowe rides exercise bike without pants

This brief section of Liza riding the exercise bike was… simply… incredibly horny! HORNY!

Liza Rowe innocent look

This is Liza’s coquette look

All right, let’s talk about what was done right in this movie and where there’s room for improvement:

1. Liza Rowe: well, if you got working eyeballs, you can see she’s sexy.

Liza’s the type that if you met her, well… you’d start a conversation about The Real Housewives of Isis or whatever, but you just can’t stop your man thoughts from fixating on her hooha… and, how you want to do things to that hooha!

Hey, like I said, I didn’t write the rules of the universe. Some of the rules don’t even seem very nice. But, that don’t stop them from being true!

But, here’s the real bottom line. Liza looks great in virtual reality. And, you want her. BAD! And, I wouldn’t mind seeing her in another VR… a… wait for it… SOLO VR!!!!!!!

2. The scaling: looks great on a Gear. That’s all I can say on that.

3. Clarity: As mentioned, this was a BIG file. And, that’s good. Notice that last week’s Gear effort (with Elsa Jean), ran 36 minutes and weighed 2.26 GB. This Liza Rowe VR, on the other hand, ran 30 minutes and weighed 3.7 GB. So, you can draw your own

conclusions on that.

Concerning the clarity, my only complaint was that I had a little bit of focus problems during the missionary portion. Now, it wasn’t horrendous, and I don’t know if it’s just me, but it should be mentioned…

4. Positioning: I like this POV method of shooting blowjobs. What does that mean? Well, you get a fairly full-frame view of the back of Liza’s head. This is actually a good thing and creates a greater realism. I believe a tight-shot is the correct way to VR shoot blow job action.

There’s a stand-up sort of reverse cowgirl: with Liza sometimes looking back. That works for me.

There’s two missionary sections. As mentioned, the focus seemed a tad bit off for me.

That said, as I’ve stated elsewhere, I think missionary lends itself quite well to VR. However, I don’t think companies really shoot it correctly. If possible, what they should do is have the camera—for part of the time—lean-in close to the woman’s face. I mean: CLOSE! Let her face fill the screen for a while. Then, increase the distance a bit.

In this way, an actual sexual encounter is mimicked more realistically: in which the bucking stud, at points, leans into the woman to kiss her, bite her tongue, whatever…

5. More Close-ups: So, just a minute ago I was praising this movie for the realistic POV created by keeping the camera tight… and, here I am saying more close-ups were needed. I probably seem like a difficult guy to please.

Here’s the thing. If I don’t give an honest, tough critique, not only am I wasting everyone’s time… I’m also a stupid bastard. Why put this much time into these reviews if they’re not going to be candidly comprehensive?

So, just as the Elsa Jean trio VR missed an opportunity for close-ups on the gals’ bikini goodness, this VR missed a chance to do the same with Liza when she was clothed teasing. The camera really needs to get in closer during those moments.

It needs to mimic a guy who’s getting down on his knees and putting his face about six inches from Liza’s pink shorts. Believe me,

this is what viewers want to see.

So, yea… keeping it real… I think the Naughty Boys are doing some great things with their camera techniques. But, I still think there’s room to make things even hornier…

6. Liza riding the bike without any pants on: From 5:00 to 5:30 Liza’s riding the exercise bike naked. The camera’s getting a backside perspective. This is one of the best things I’ve ever seen in VR. I wouldn’t have minded if that lasted for five minutes instead of 30 seconds.

7. Hooha hair, tanlines, cute lil tits, high socks and pink sneakers: These are all good things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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