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Spying On Natasha’s Niceness – Natasha Nice VR Porn

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March 30, 2016

Okay, today we’ll be reviewing Naughty America VR’s latest effort featuring the immensely popular porn luminary: Ms. Natasha Nice! This will certainly put a lot of fellas in a jolly mood.

This one was a lot of fun because it put together a voyeuristic-bikini 3D fantasy…really fun stuff!

So, before we get to it, people always want pictures. So, here you go with the Natasha Nice VR Porn Pictures:

Natasha Nice being watched by a Peeping Tom

The Peeping Tom spots his peeping target

Natasha Nice bikini ass dancing

Get down with your bikini ass Natasha Nice!

Natasha Nice bikini bent over ass

I imagine the Peeping Tom is thinking “Eureka!” about now…

Picture Natasha Nice in Tom

Natasha and spying man

Finally, some satisfaction for our Peeping Tom

Natasha Nice bikini reverse cowgirl

Oh, Natasha! I’ll have to spy on you more often!

Natasha Nice shows close-up for camera of pussy and asshole

Oh, goodness gracious!

Natasha Nice cowgirl

Natasha, that’s a Nice cowgirl!

Natasha Nice VR blowjob on Charles Dera

Suck bikini gal

All right, let’s talk about what was done right in this movie and where there’s room for improvement:

1. Natasha Nice: she has kind of a girl next door look. She’s the type of gal who reminds a fella of a juicy hamburger. You just want to grab her, lick up all the mayo and consumer her entirety. And, you know… if you’re doing a movie with bikini teasing: well, Natasha’s a good choice. I’m pretty fond of Natasha Nice VR. She comes across quite well rendered by the 3D cameras.

2. The bikini teasing: there was plenty. And, teasing works well in VR. This has been confirmed by many academic studies. The last one—conducted by Stanford in November 2015—concluded that 97% of VR porn viewers would rather see a close-up of a beautiful woman in their VR headset than visit the Grand Canyon in real life.

3. Scaling: It was on-point, which is generally the case with Naughty America. I’ll tell you: this looks great in a Gear. As I’ve mentioned many times, NA has a scale that’s more toward the big side… and, I always appreciate that.

4. Positioning: You know, it’s always good when these VRs go beyond cowgirl and reverse. And, in this movie, the viewer also gets doggy and missionary… along with the whole Peeping Tom experience.

Natasha Nice doggy style in virtual reality

Natasha Nice doggy style in virtual reality

5. The Peeping Tom experience: this was well-conceived. This set-up lends itself perfectly to virtual reality. I mean… it’s a fine idea. Peeping Tom is made to be a VR porn template.

6. Close-ups: normally I’m complaining that there weren’t enough close-ups. And, I’ll do that here again. This VR could definitely have used more close-up time on Natasha’s face and bikini stuff.

However, man… did they ever give us a tour of Natasha. I mean… she pulled that bikini aside and our good camera man shoved the rig where the sun don’t normally shine, man!

7. Charles Dera: the male stunt cock in this movie got the job done as he’s done in his previous efforts.

8. Natasha’s dialogue and acting: I rarely compliment the female performer based upon her acting, but Natasha did a good job here with the coquettish-tinged shock at catching you spying on her bikini antics.

Natasha Nice missionary

Natasha Nice missionary

You see, if you haven’t already deduced the plot… it goes like this. Natasha’s friends with Tammy. You’re Tammy’s hubby. You go over to Natasha’s house. She’s bikini sun-bathing, etc. You spy on her. She busts you. You fuck her.

And, it’s rather horny how Natasha repeatedly calls the guy a pervert. Why? I don’t know, man!

All right, so I just named a bunch of positives. How would I improve this movie???

They did a good job with this: particularly conceptually. And, although this might not get mentioned much, Naughty America also employs some fine graphic designers.

I would have had a section where Natasha modeled different bikinis for Charles.

And, as mentioned, I’d have spent more camera time close on Natasha’s pretty face. The doggy style footage still felt a bit distant: as did the missionary. They need to find a way to close-the-distance with these positions.

I don’t understand why—during missionary—they don’t provide a segment with a close-up on the woman’s face…

But, all things considered…the bikini, the Natasha, the Naughty VR rigs…yes, great stuff! Keep them coming!

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