Susy and Daniela kiss in a virtual porn movie

Lez Be Friends With Susy and Daniela

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Susy and Daniela in the shower

May I join you, miss?

Daniela Dadivosa fingers Susy Gala

These two gals have good… um… chemistry

Daniela spits on Susy's cunt

Good stuff

Daniela sucks Susy's nipple

Daniela going to town on a Susy nipple!

Susy and Daniela kiss in a virtual porn movie

Susy and Daniela kiss in a virtual porn movie

Susy Gala lesbian VR feature header image

Susy and Daniela shower

I like the looks of this!

Susy Gala bra and panties

Enter Susy Gala… Hey, Susy wants to shower, too!

Susy Gala fingers Daniela Dadivosa in the locker room shower

The shower scenario makes for a good fantasy

Introductory Stuff

All right, friends, today we’ll consider BaDoink’s latest offering: Lez Be Friends, starring Susy Gala and Daniela Dadivoso.

The Gear file weighs 3.65 GB and runs 26 minutes.

We’ve noticed lately—like in yesterday’s NA Jessa Rhodes release—these VR files seem to be getting bigger.

Well, a bigger file generally indicates higher-quality.

So, this is probably an inevitable development.

As VR porns progress, the one consistent consumer demand is for a more realistic… more immersive experience.

Official Movie Synopsis:

Daniela’s never been with a girl, so while showering after school, she’s surprised to see Susy enter, undress, and boldly approach.

Daniela’s initially shy. But, she loves that you’re watching. And, they both want to put on a great lesbian show for you.

Watch these two schoolgirls have steamy shower sex in a hot voyeuristic VR porn scene that’ll please all of your senses.

Okay, folks…so, a lesbian VR is clearly on the agenda. Let’s do this thing.

Give Me A Convenient, Time-Saving tl;dr…

All right, I know you good folks have got showers of your own to take, so here’s a summary… or an attempt at a summary. I’m just not very good at summaries, man!

All right, you’ve heard me discuss BaDoink’s new equipment before.

But, a reviewer must acknowledge that the BaDoink boys are presently producing the most technically sophisticated VR porns. I mean… if you’re going to be straight with your readers, you got to say this.

I see the BaDoink boys made some critical remarks of their own about this movie. And, friends… this is the very reason why these guys are producing such good stuff. It’s that perfectionist quality that produces results!

Because, I’m being honest with you here… I didn’t even notice the thing they were criticizing. I think this movie is great VR.

Now, look… I ain’t saying the other folks are producing crap! The studios I regularly cover here are all producing good work. And, if I recommend them, it means they’re worth the money.

I ain’t trying to hurt anybody’s feelings here!

But, I’ve got to be straight-up with you.

So, if you’re digging the looks of Susy and Daniela… and, I mean… what’s not to like?

And, if you’re wrinkly dinky stirs for girl-on-girl action… then this VR is for you. No doubt about it. The best lesbian VR porn released to date.

VR Porn Reviewing Scientific Method

I do these reviews based upon three main factors:

1. The woman: let’s face it. The woman to VR porn is like the repair guy to a faucet that won’t stop dripping. Oh, forget it! That one missed the mark. But, don’t they always? Well, the woman matters… like… A LOT!

2. The scaling: do things look correct and proportional? I mean… if the gal’s head’s the size of the shower head and her torso’s like a plunger… well, it just doesn’t work.

3. Positioning: of the women and cameras. Close-ups are much-desired. It’s also great to get some variety of sexual positions.

All right, let’s talk about what was done right in this movie and where there’s room for improvement:

1. Susy and Daniela: A good-looking blonde… a sexy brunette… girl-girl enthusiasm… what’s not to like here?

And, you know…

I’ll be honest with you folks. I’m not a guy who’s nuts about lesbian porn. But, you know… there is most certainly something to be said about seeing two beautiful women kiss in virtual reality.

2. The shower scenario: it’s a juicy set-up.

3. The FOV: FOV stands for field of view. I don’t discuss this a whole lot, but this movie does raise the issue.

Field of view often is used concerning how much a VR headset lets you see. I’m using the term to mean how much you can see when also moving your head to look up-and-down.

Maybe FOV isn’t quite the right expression for what I’m trying to explain.

You see, BaDoink is now doing something very good and interesting here. Let me try to explain this further.

Okay, when you’re wearing your VR headset, you can look up and down.

Now, most studio’s VRs have a limited vertical field of view. The way I’m using the expression FOV, I mean that the top of the woman’s head is even cut-off sometimes.

Now, these days, BaDoink, it seems to me, have tremendously expanded the vertical FOV and narrowed the horizontal a bit. Am I imagining this? I don’t thinks so, friends.

No VR porn review I’ve written has made me second guess myself as much as this one.

I think it’s because I watched it, really enjoyed it and then read BaDoink’s own criticism of this movie… and, then I thought, “Well, hells bells … I guess I’m an incompetent doofus for not seeing the problems they’re mentioning.”

I think when folks create things on a high-level, they have an awareness that’s not necessarily readily available to the consumer.

Because, they have an end vision in mind… Hey, I can’t see your end vision, man! I shouldn’t beat the hell out of myself because of my

human limitations!

… In my opinion, a wide (horizontal) FOV is simply not necessary! All this 360 degree stuff at this point is silly and just lowers image quality.

What’s really needed—as BaDoink is demonstrating—is a longer vertical FOV. And, yea… the BaDoink boys have accomplished this. And, it’s great. Because the top of the person isn’t cut off… nor is it distorted.

And, yes… I think I’ve been using FOV in an unconventional way, but just leave me alone already! I have enough problems without having you harass me in imaginary conversations taking place in my mind!

4. Scaling: connected to the previous point, the scaling is great. Presently, it just doesn’t get any better than this. I’m using a Gear VR with a GS 7, and the scale was on-point. It was not too big for me. I know this stuff gets quite subjective, but I’m digging a big scale …

5. Image clarity: beautiful. What more needs to be said?

6. Lesbian VR: if you’re hankering for a high-quality lesbian VR porn… look no further.

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