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Let’s start off with a bunch of pictures of Lana Rhoades starring in the new Naughty America VR release, Lemonade with Lana.

Lana Rhoades more reverse cowgirl

This gal knows how to cowgirl

Lemonade with Lana text graphic

Lana, can I have a lemonade please?

Lana Rhoades reverse cowgirl VR

Lana even makes reverse cowgirl unusually exciting

Lana Rhoades wide doggy style

Oh, call it doggy or froggy, but call me when I get to be the one pumping!

Lana Rhoades reaches for her pussy

Oh, man… we’re getting more than a refreshing beverage today!

Lana Rhoades missionary VR

Lemonade with Lana

Lana Rhoades handjob

Lana Rhoades handjobbing it

Lana Rhoades cowgirl VR

Lana gorgeous cowgirling

Lana Rhoades brings Chad White a lemonade

Oh man! Lana’s bringing me a refreshing beverage on this sunny day.

horny Lana Rhoades porn

Hi Lana

Lana Rhoades is horny

Lana getting frisky

All right, let’s talk about what was done right in this movie and where there’s room for improvement:

1. Lana Rhoades: well, you know… as I often say, when it comes to beauty: to each his own. I mean…. there really ain’t a right or wrong to this.

Lately, I’ve noticed a lot of fellas asking for chubbier, more everyday girls to be filmed in VR porn. And, hey… if that’s what makes your man motor murmur: then so be it, man!

As for me, I’m a bit more conventional. I tend to go for skinny girls with straight hair and traditionally beautiful faces. I ain’t saying this is right or wrong. But, any way you cut it: Ms. Rhoades does fall into this category.

Honestly, the gal’s beautiful. As mentioned, she looks like she should be on the cover of a high-class fashion magazine. Or… wearing lace lingerie and swishing her little heinie down a Victoria’s Secret runway.

You know what I mean? Those lithe beauties with slightly angry faces doing a slightly angry walk at fashion shows? Why do those gorgeous gal models always have serious, grimacing faces? I don’t get it, but anyway…

Lana’s beautiful in the mainstream way we’re told a woman’s beautiful. And, that works for me…

2. Lana’s dialogue: oh, man! You know, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why some women can say sexy things and particularly get the man motor revving in overdrive… and, I ain’t going to solve that mystery here, man! But, suffice to say… I liked the things Lana had to say… and, how she said them!

3. Narrative set-up: I’ve often discussed how part of the Naughty America brand is setting-up different fantasy situations. We see this with scenarios where the viewer eventually plows the pootanannie of his friend’s horny mom (eg. Julia Ann) … or his sister’s friend, etc.

So, in this case we’re getting—what some might call—a girlfriend experience (GFE) virtual porn. The idea/fantasy is that the female porn star is your loving girlfriend. So, she tells you how sweet and cute you are… brings you lemonade, etc.

I think this is an interesting approach in comparison to the much more commonly seen anonymous feel that porn tends to exude. Only thing is that for this type of GFE VR, more close-up time should be spent on the woman’s face as she’s talking to her boyfriend.

Additionally, why not throw in a little section of more mundane—that’s to say unsexual—dialogue before getting down to it. This, I believe, would further simulate a girlfriend.

Just don’t simulate having a girlfriend too damn realistically: we don’t want to ruin the damn porn experience, man!

4. Camera: We saw NA testing out their new camera in the Leah Gotti VR, and as is often the case, some shortcomings were made evident (at least on my Gear which showed much distortion in the upper frame).

In this VR, Naughty goes back to their old rig, and I’m tempted to say: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I’ve been a fan of the just slightly large scale that this camera produces. And, at some point they extended the vertical FOV, and the scaling stays on-point.

So, yea… I like the old rig. In my view… just being totally honest here… I think it’s only second to BaDoink’s equipment. I ain’t trying to piss anybody off here, but I got to try and be straight with you folks.

So, yea… this camera produces a pleasing scale, clear image, good 3D depth, good sound, etc. And, all of those things are present in this Lana VR.

5. 38 minutes: No doubt one of the lengthier VRs that NA (or any studio, really) has released. You’re getting your money’s worth, boys!

6. Positioning: Well, this movie gave us the expected cowgirl: and, everything about it just felt right: the distance, big

scale, everything. Well done.

Missionary: the previous distance problems I’ve observed were solved by having Lana spread her gal legs on a chair: while having Chad semi-standing. This is a good solution that should be reused.

Doggy/Froggy Style: still felt a little distant. Doggy is hard to get right in VR.

And, a (more engaging than usual) Reverse Cowgirl:

So, when all of those positions are covered, you know… what more do you want? Well, of course… the usual refrain about more close-up time spent on the female performer’s face.

If you’ve read this website, you’ll notice that’s a shortcoming frequently cited.

Still, great stuff Lana and NA.

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  1. I saw Lana on FTV and thought, the gods have been good to us. Then I saw the VR on the Gear, in the 3d mode, and damn…THE FUTURE WAS REVEALED TO ME!! Lana nailed it! I thought she was fucking me, and only me! Damn, she is the queen of porn!pablo

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