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Niki Sweet Solo and Hardcore VR Review

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Updated: free video preview links below for 3D Niki Sweet action… HORNY!!!

Blance Bradburry legs spread

This is Czech VR blonde beauty: Blance Bradburry

Hi friends, today we’ll consider Niki Sweet in a couple of new ones from Czech VR.

The Czech boys have a pretty cool release model: basically, you get a solo gal video quickly followed by the same gal in a hardcore VR.

(And, the Niki hardcore shows you can do a great VR fuck scene with no cowgirl!)

Alex Black naked

This, friends, is Alex Black

Anyway, I like this release pattern, which we’ve seen recently used with Kara Cherry, Alex Ginger, Angel Piaff and others: including, Ms. Blanche Bradburry!!

And, of course… Alex Black! I ain’t gonna lie.

I like Alex… as in, I like her A LOT!

All right, this is mainly about Niki Sweet: pictured below in elegant black dress. Love this sort of look! So, let’s do this thing…


Niki Sweet black dress

This is Niki Sweet. What a beauty!

Studio: Czech VR
Title: Czech VR 60, Czech VR 61
Stars: Niki Sweet, also known as Nicky Sweet, Nikki Sweet, Niky Sweet, Viky Sanders. Birthdate: September 8, 1983. From: Czech Republic. Measurements: 34A-26-37.
Length: Czech VR 60 is 11 minutes; Czech VR 61 is 19 minutes
Formats: Oculus ; Gear VR ; Cardboard
Genre: Solo gal VR and Hardcore sex VR
Reviewed using: Gear VR + Galaxy S7

Reviewing Method:

There are many factors in these reviews; but, there are three main ones. Generally, if the studio gets a well-scaled VR rig close to a good-looking woman, things turn out pretty well. Let me break it down:

Niki Sweet pulls panties doggy style

1. The woman: Well, the viewer wants, of course, a female performer whom he finds attractive, passionate, etc.

2. The scaling: do things look correct and proportional? Generally, the viewer wants a real-life feel.

3. Positioning: of the women and cameras. Close-ups are much-desired. It’s also great to get some variety of sexual positions. But, consensus tends to demand close-up camera work with a lot of eye contact.

All right, let’s talk about what was done right in this movie and where there’s room for improvement:

1. The Czech VR brand: After reviewing many Czech VR releases, I think I’ve got a pretty good feel for their general approach: not that it’s really so complicated. And, here’s the key: VR porns turn out better—at least in my view—when they’re not made overly complicated.

Let me explain the Czech VR formula further:

Basically, get a young, pretty European gal: one with a nonpornified look. That’s to say, a good looking young woman with a girl next door vibe.

You know, there’s a lot of fellas who are asking for more girl next door VR porns. Well, I’d direct those folks to Czech VR…

Niki Sweet masturbating

Here’s Niki in her solo masturbation VR

You know, some dudes have been requesting every day, chubby gal VR. Hey, to each his own, man! But, here’s the thing: there is definitely a demand for pretty, natural gals in virtual porn movies. No doubt about it!

So, getting back to the Czech VR formula: you place this natural beauty in a simple setting and get your high-quality VR rig close to the gal… and, of course, Czech has solid video processing skills, etc.

It’s really that simple. Granted, the technical camera aspects are anything but simple. However, once a studio gets the camera technicalities sorted, you basically—as mentioned—put an attractive woman close to the camera and make sure the scale feels right and real.

So, this is what Czech VR does quite well. And, their approach definitely has a market segment. And, you know, to put a bow on this thing: 3D close-ups of a beautiful, young woman… what’s not to like, man?

2. Niki Sweet: as I’ve been suggesting, this is a nice looking, natural sort of gal. The type of gal … well, I don’t want to go over-the-top here, but this sort of gal is marriage material. Just a gorgeous brunette with a great smile.

Love the black dress. Love the lingerie. Love the pretty face!

And, she frigged and grinded with an authentic passion. Well done, Niki.

3. Scale: it’s good.

4. Color, sound, 3D depth, clarity: it’s good. Midrange distance breaks down, but when they pull the shot back tight, man… that’s some nice, crystal clear close-up footage.

5. Moving camera techniques: Czech VR is presently the only VR porn outfit experimenting with moving camera techniques in VRs. I have mixed feelings about this developing technique. My general conclusion is that it can enhance the experience if used sparingly.

6. Positioning: When you get down to it, what most VR porn consumers want is extended close-up time on the woman: regardless of what position she’s in…

Niki Sweet missionary sex picture 1

Oh, Niki baby! This was some great VR missionary footage

And, it appears that what may have surprised some porn producers is how much men crave close-up time on the woman’s face. This sort of contradicts stereotyped ideas about men, but that’s probably a conversation for another day.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is that—in a way—human positioning doesn’t much matter if the camera’s not positioned closely.

Fortunately, Czech VR is a studio that will fill the frame with the woman’s face and… um… goodies.

Niki Sweet missionary VR

More Niki Sweet missionary VR… well done

Czech did deliver that here with Niki. In the solo, I loved it when they let Niki’s face fill the screen. Great stuff. As usual, I wouldn’t have minded more of that…

In the hardcore, we got some missionary: and, to their credit, the distance felt pretty good. As I’ve noted, missionary is difficult to shoot well in VR. Often it feels too distant.

In this Niki VR, however, the missionary had the desired, more immediate feeling. Niki felt close. It seems that this position works better when the whore’s propped-up and spread and the fella’s standing… I don’t know why it works out better this way, but it just seems to feel more right…

Niki Sweet doggy style

Niki my doggy baby

This is somewhat difficult to explain, but if you’ve watched enough VRs, you probably know what I’m talking about… you want the woman to feel near…

The doggy/from behind footage was also superb. Doggy, like missionary, often feels too distant. In this instance, again, the fella’s standing, and Niki felt close. I don’t know how Czech is achieving this effect, but just keep shooting it this way.

While I’m at it… I also usually don’t get much out of VR blowjobs, but for whatever reason, the blowjob footage in this also felt more immediate and proper.

So, this is a good VR. Well done Czech VR. Keep them coming. Bring back Alex Black doing a bikini striptease!

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