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All right, let’s talk about what was done right in this movie and where there’s room for improvement:

Katrina Jade prepares herself in bathroom

Oh yea… here’s Katrina fine-tuning her Hot Girls presentation

1. Katrina Jade: Okay, so Katrina’s one of the more famous porn gals out there… and, you already know if you’re a fan.

If you’re digging Ms. Jade (and, what’s not to like?), you’ll want this VR in your collection because it’s a high-grade professional piece of work.

Katrina convincingly embodied the hooker role. And, watching this movie, it’s apparent why Ms. Jade has obtained such success in the porn world.

2. Scaling: This was shot with the old rig, and it gives that same big scale that I’ve come

Katrina Jade bent over naked

Oh, Katrina baby!

to expect and want. I’ve praised this before… it’s hard to explain, but the scale (Gear VR) is just slightly big in a good way.

3. General clarity: the close-up range is beautiful. Mid-range and further back falls apart: to be fair, this is true of all studios and everyone’s here for the close-up work anyway.

Katrina Jade VR porn review feature image

The cowgirl felt right

4. 3D, sound, color, light: all good.

5. General story line: The whole call-a-hooker is a juicy fantasy in many man minds. I know when I was in Amsterdam…oh, never mind.

Here’s the thing… during VR sex, it’s widely agreed that the man shouldn’t say anything. However, I’m not sure this should apply to the non-sexual, contextual set-up of

the fantasy.

In other words, maybe it’d be horny if Ryan dialogued with Katrina before consummating their

Interesting angle on this bent over blowjob

Interesting angle on this bent over blowjob

cash for cowgirl transaction.

What do you think? I could imagine a brief dialogue in which Ryan says something about his wife… and/or why he’s hiring a hooker, etc.

Maybe the standard view of male VR dialogue should be reconsidered.

6. Positioning: All right, the cowgirl was on-point and immediate. NA has been doing a good job with this position. Very enjoyable.

Katrina Jade reverse cowgirl VR

What an ass

The camera could have gotten tighter on the missionary.

The reverse cowgirl felt slightly distant.

The doggy style felt a little distant.

Though, there were a few doggy type angles with a nice, tight distance.

There was a novel, bent over blowjob section.

There were moments when Katrina’s face was close to the camera: but, there could have been more of that.

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