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Adriana Chechik, Jennifer White and Chad White Virtual Porn

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Hi friends, today we’ll consider Double Derriere Daydream.
All right, let’s talk about what was done right in this movie and where there’s room for improvement:

Adriana Chechik very rowdy open-mouthed cowgirl

Adriana Chechik very rowdy open-mouthed cowgirl

Okay, for this particular movie, we’ll use a slightly different approach than usual. Here’s the thing: Adriana and Jennifer are famous porn gals for a reason. And, you know they’re going to perform at the standards expected of Naughty America’s professional porn stars.

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Adriana and Jennifer double dildo doggy

Now, the scaling of this movie felt right. And, I didn’t have any upper scale-distortion. The color, 3D effect and sound were fine.

That’s to say, the technical aspects were basically on-point: maybe the alignment was a tad skewed, but not a big deal. And, we

anal missionary VR

We get some well shot anal missionary sex in this VR

already know we got two good-looking pieces of brunette gal before us…

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And, plenty of anal doggy footage

Next, there’s a fantasy element to this movie: that’s to say, the whole daydreaming about anal sex with your girlfriend and her friend.

You already know if those sort of fantasy porn elements get your man motor revving.

And, finally, there’s the general ass theme… I suppose when a movie’s called Double Derriere Daydream, one shouldn’t be surprised.

Basically, you get anal beads, dildo and man meat penetrating the backdoors of Adriana Chechik and Jennifer White in a wide-variety of configurations.

And, you get a lot of that… if this is your thing, this is your anal jackpot, man…

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