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Czech VR Fetish Launched

First published on May 28, 2016 | last updated February 2, 2018

Zena Little stars in Czech VR Fetish's first release

Zena Little stars in Czech VR Fetish’s first release… and, she’ll sit on your face, man!

Hi friends, there’s some very horny news coming from our good friends over at the Czech VR virtual reality department.

You see, they’ve just launched a complementary VR porn subdivision called Czech VR Fetish.


A dedicated VR porn fetish site.

Update February 2018: Since I wrote this article, I’ve watched 111 CzechVR Fetish videos.

And… I’ll tell you what.

These videos bring the same spectacular optical quality and innovative technique you find with the CzechVR and Czech Casting videos.

These VRs will, unsurprisingly, appeal to fellas looking for fetish VR. Stuff like facesitting, pantyhose/stockings, urination/pee, foot fetish, punishment/slave, lesbian, man being dominated, extreme close-up of pussy spreading, Speculum stuff, anal antics, fisting, gaping, tickling, dildo/vacuum pump, escaped prisoner, MILF, pussy stuffing, dirty stockings, Asian, water sports, double face-sitting, mistress, foot job…you get the idea.

So, there’s not many VR studios focused on fetish.

But I could actually simplify things by putting it like this: If you’re into fetish porn, there’s no better subscription to get than CzechVR Fetish.

I’m just telling it straight. It’s not just that there’s almost no competition. I imagine they’d still be the best even if there were a lot of competition.

original May 28, 2016 article follows:

I know what you’re wondering: What’s Czech VR Fetish?

Let’s just read exactly what the Czech VR spokesperson had to say:

The new site will not be focused on one specific type of fetish. Currently we have face sitting, fisting, pissing, also we plan foot & feet. And of course many others.

And, you may also be wondering: Is there a separate charge for it?

Again, let’s see what the Czech spokesperson had to say:

The new site will be included in current membership. But later we also plan to add a separate membership only for this site with a lower price.

And, I’m now wondering: What’s the release schedule going to be for the fetish stuff?

On CzechVR we are releasing three videos a week. On CzechVR Fetish we plan a regular release once a week. It means you get four videos a week.

Zena Little in skirt and tanktop

Zena Little is fucking gorgeous!

Four VRs a week? Hot diggety damn!

Now, I’ll tell you what friends. Just being honest here: while Czech VR doesn’t have the lowest subscription price, they are absolutely the only VR porn studio releasing four frigging VR porns a week!

The other major studios release one weekly…

if you’re lucky, maybe two sometimes…

All right, so let’s take a peek at Czech VR Fetish’s first release:


Studio: Czech VR Fetish
Release Date: May 27, 2016
Stars: Zena Little
Length: 12 minutes
Main sex positions: Facesitting
Formats: Oculus 3840×1920@60fps 2.6 GB; Gear VR 2880×1440@60fps 1.7 GB; Cardboard 1920×960@60fps 1.3 GB.
Genre: Solo, facesitting VR porn
Reviewed using: Gear VR + Galaxy S7

Official Movie Synopsis:

Let’s see how Czech VR Fetish describes this first effort:

Ever had a woman sit on your face; her juicy pussy making your lips all wet and drolly, your nose buried deep in the crevice of her perfect ass? When a beauty like this one wants to sit on your face, make you feel small and insignificant servant to her own desires, you do as she asks without hesitation. So take your VR helmet out and let yourself be subdued by this magnificent Czech goddess!
All right, folks… HoloGirls, it appears like you now have some company within the facesitting VR niche… Let’s take a look.

This Zena VR will appeal to fellas who:

1. … like pretty and skinny brunette gals… Zena Little is absolutely a natural beauty! Love her!
2. … are digging on the solo gal/ facesitting genre
3. … are looking for well-scaled and technically competent VR
4. … ain’t much into plot, but definitely into close-up twat

All right, let’s talk about what was done right in this movie and where there’s room for improvement:

Folks, this first effort was damn well done. And, I mean… damn well done.

The scale was fine: just a bit small on my Gear VR (generally the case with Czech for me), but it was good. It felt right.

There was no distortion at the frame’s top.

And, basically you get the gorgeous Zena Little in a skirt squatting down and lowering her pootanannie at your man face. I mean… there ain’t really much more to say!

Zena Little fingers her pussy

Here comes Zena!

This ain’t Charles Dickens… It’s just a beautiful young woman in crisp 3D. The clarity was really nice. Damn enjoyable stuff.

I’ve got two criticisms:

1. Include more close-up time on the woman’s face. There was definitely plenty of close-ups on Zena’s honeypot. And, that was great.

2. Include more close-up time on the panty-teasing part. Definitely. Hey, it is… wait for it… Czech VR Fetish!

Zena Little spreads pussy

Plenty of this in our Zena VR

Basically: keep doing exactly what you’re doing here… just add the facial close-up time and more panty teasing.

That’s it.

Very horny first release, Czech VR Fetish!

Oh yea… Czech VR, this is what I’d like to see from you:

1. Katy Rose, Natalia Cherie or Victoria Puppy doing an extended bikini tease/dance!

2. A VR with mostly a facial close-up of one of the Czech gals doing a JOI monologue in her native language.

3. You MUST get Alex Black into this fetish mix! I’m thinking with Alex some skirt, black pantyhose, panties extended footage… while you’re at it, get busty Alex in a bikini that’s three sizes too small…

I want Czech fetish VR porns! NOW!
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