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Virtual Kissing With A Hologirl

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May 30, 2016

Yhivi girlfriend

This looks like a happening girlfriend

All right, friends, today we’ll consider an unusual VR just released by the good folks over at HoloGirls. It’s called Get Flix and Chill, starring Yhivi.

What separates this movie from other VR porn output is its up-close, virtual kissing emphasis. Does this Team Holo innovation succeed?

We’ll discuss that in this article.

Let’s do this thing…


Yhivi blue skirt and bra

Oh, Yhivi baby!

Studio: HoloGirls VR
Title: Get Flix and Chill
Release Date: May 2016
Stars: Yhivi
Length: 14 minutes
Main sex positions: Kissing, handjob, blowjob, snuggling, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl
Formats: Oculus Rift; HTC Vive; Gear VR 815 MB; Android 5.0+; Android pre 5.0; iPhone; Generic H.264
Genre: Girlfriend Experience, Kissing VR, Hardcore sex VR porn
Reviewed using: Gear VR + Galaxy S7

This Yhivi VR will appeal to fellas who:

1. … are digging-on the Girlfriend Experience (GFE) VR porn genre
2. … are looking for a virtual kissing experience
3. … like young and insanely cute brunette gals

Official Movie Synopsis:

Let’s see how HoloGirls describes this latest GFE effort:

Yhivi undressing ass

Take it off Yhivi, baby

On the couch, watching a movie with the girl of your dreams. The way she’s sitting you can see right up her skirt! She knows exactly what she’s doing to you.

You can’t resist any longer. She stops the movie, removes your shorts, repositioning herself between your legs. Using every inch of her body to make this the best “First Date” of your life.

She really likes you and will do anything to make you like her too.

Okay, as mentioned, this ventures into mostly uncharted terrain: the VR porn girlfriend experience.

Reviewing Method:

These reviews are based upon three main factors:

Yhivi blowjob

Yhivi suck

1. The woman: Most viewers want a VR gal whom they find pretty, passionate, authentic, etc. Generally, the man viewer wants it to at least appear like the gal’s into the sex.

2. The scaling: do things look correct and proportional? Generally, the viewer wants a real-life feel.

3. Positioning: of the women and cameras. Close-ups are much-desired. It’s also great to get some variety of sexual positions. Eye contact is also considered critically important by most.

All right, let’s talk about what was done right in this movie and where there’s room for improvement:

Okay, well… a lot of fellas have been demanding VR porns that have a more intense sense of intimacy through simulated kissing and close-up camera work.

As we often discuss, 3D porn expectations frequently differ from what fellas want out of the 2D stuff..

Requests for greater VR porn intimacy

A common request has been for greater intimacy and immersion.

It’s understandable that VR porn elicits this demand, because by its very nature, it intensifies the viewer’s sense that he’s present. So, a fella, naturally, wants that feeling heightened.

And, here HoloGirls delivers. I mean… for those who were asking for virtual kissing… well, grab your cherry Chapstick and fire-up this movie.

Yhivi reverse cowgirl

I like Yhivi’s reverse cowgirl

This VR was technically competent

The scale and 3D effect show competent processing and execution. The lighting and color were acceptable, though there was room for improvement.

Some may feel that the more subdued lighting and color palette complement the GFE theme: that argument could be made. For me, I always want adequate and expansive lighting along with a vibrant color range.

A few words about alignment

The virtual kissing makes the alignment aspect more important than usual. I don’t frequently discuss VR alignment because it is easy to manually correct. And, it’s not often a problem for me.

Yhivi virtual porn kissing video

Kiss me, Yhivi

Simulating actual kissing

However, if one wants the virtual kissing experience to accurately simulate real world smooching: a rather precise alignment of the woman’s kisser with the viewer’s lips is needed.

Kissing alignment

Out-of-the-box, I didn’t get that. To be fair, I’m not sure that’s even a reasonable expectation.

On Gear and Homido, it’s pretty easy to alter the video alignment by… let me see if I can explain this in a simple way…

When the alignment’s off… what you do is remove the viewer from your eyes, turn your head, put the viewer to your eyes, then return your head to the looking forward position…

more Yhivi reverse cowgirl

Bounce Yhivi

Did that make sense?

In other words, let’s imagine that the alignment of Yhivi’s lips is not centered with your man lips… Oh, man… this is getting weird.

But, let’s say Yhivi’s lips are too far to the left… so, what you do is remove viewer, look right, replace viewer, then look forward.

That’s as clear as I can explain it. I think this is something fellas figure out. It’s also an easy way to fix any VR’s alignment.

So, what did I think of this virtual kissing?

It’s kind of interesting. I’m not sure it’s quite my thing.

I’d probably be more partial to the extreme facial close-up with the woman delivering more of a JOI dialogue. That’s what this kissing VR made me think…

But, niche desire is a very individual thing. And, you can be sure that there are many dudes desiring this kissing experience…

… And, for those fellas… here you go, man. You’ll love this. I ain’t just saying that. If you’re hankering for a VR porn with tight, close-up kissing, this movie is for you.

You also get a suck job and cowgirling, but it’s the kissing that makes this VR special.

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