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Romi Rain Birthday VR

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Romi specializes in the spread eagle doggy style

Romi specializes in the spread eagle doggy style

Romi Rain titty fuck

Oh, the things Romi can do with those enormous funbags

Romi Rain stripper pole

Romi’s got a stripper pole in her home

Romi Rain reverse cowgirl

Oh, Romi baby

Romi Rain handjob

Romi twisting the pepper shaker

Romi Rain glamour cowgirl

Romi hits us with what’s called a… wait for it… glamour cowgirl

Romi Rain download graphic

This looks promising

Romi Rain doggy style VR

There was some fantastic Romi doggy in this movie

Romi Rain handjob

Romi Rain twisting the pepper shaker

Romi Rain blowjob bbc

Romi blowing a bbc

Romi Rain goddess style reverse cowgirl

Romi Rain goddess style reverse cowgirl

All right, let’s talk about what was done right in this movie and where there’s room for improvement:

Technological Aspects

BaDoinkVR generally excels at the technical aspects. That’s to say, the scale, clarity, framing, 3D depth, sound and so forth is all great.

My only technical criticism—at least in my Gear VR—was that the color was either a bit over-saturated or… let’s say there was an excessively warm hue. Any way you put it: it’s not so pronounced to stop the virtual Romi happy fun times.

But, I must mention these things. Additionally, the lighting didn’t feel quite right.

I went back the other day and watched the Zenda Sexy outdoor VR. And, in that movie the color and lighting… and every visual aspect is such perfection that BaDoink set a towering-high bar for themselves.

So, let me be clear: this Romi VR is a horny, high-quality affair… don’t get me wrong! But, on-the-level, I do feel there’s room for improvement in the color/lighting department.

Romi Rain

Okay, so Romi’s back in another VR. I last saw her in a HoloGirls outing, and I thought she was passionate with a special knack for the dirty talk. In this VR, we again see that Romi has a special ability to maintain a horny—and sometimes surprising—dialogue.

For instance, as she’s handjobbing the bbc, she says, “This is what we Italians call the pepper grinder.” All righty. And, she delivers other verbal gems, including something like, “Don’t all black guys love big white titties?” Lol. Great stuff.

Anyway, she’s horny and verbally adept: and, that’s a good combo in a VR.

So, Ms. Rain is one of the premiere porn gals out there. You already know if you’re a fan. And, if you’re digging this young lady, you will enjoy this outing.

Immediate positioning

The blowjob, doggy and cowgirl all rocked with a well-framed, well-scaled immediacy. You know, it all just felt right. What more can you say?

GFE Vibe

This movie’s got the girlfriend experience vibe going.

If that’s your thing, Romi is a fine girlfriend. She seems like the sort of gal that would really better her man. She seems loyal. She also seems like she’d be a fine mom. I ain’t joshing around! This is my true intuitive sense. She seems very caring. Like somebody who would feed the birds and slow down if a rabbit were crossing the street.

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