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Kayla Is A Professional Shaft Shiner

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Okay, let’s state the obvious: Kayla Kayden is absolutely Goddamn gorgeous and we all worship her. Her latest VR appearance in Naughty America VR’s Shiny Shaft is both horny and unusually funny. Great damn stuff.

Let’s get straight to the pictures and then talk about the scene. Here’s a ton of pics and screenshots from Kayla’s 3D scene. Good Lord I love the expressions Kayla makes when she’s really getting off on cock.

A ton of Kayla Kayden Shiny Shaft pictures

promo image Shiny Shaft movie

Gorgeous Kayla Kayden stars in a hilarious VR porn movie, Shiny Shaft, from Naughty America VR

Kayla Kayden shines Chad's cock

Kayla will get Chad’s shaft … really shiny!

reverse cowgirl


The beautiful Kayla Kayden spread-eagled in a Naughty America VR movie

The beautiful Kayla Kayden spread-eagled in a Naughty America VR movie

Kayla blowjob

This is just part of the professional technique used by Shiny Shaft. Also, GREAT EYE CONTACT, KAYLA! LOVE YOU!!!!

Kayla handjob

Oh, shaft shining is a tough job…

Kayla Kayden more missionary

Oh, Kayla baby

Kayla missionary

Well shot missionary

Kayla Kayden of Shiny Shaft

I could also definitely picture Kayla Kayden as an off-the-chain excellent, virtual jerk off instructor

Kayla big tit beauty

Oh, man…

Kayla Kayden cowgirls

Having this beauty cowgirl you on the regular… that’d be a jackpot, all right!

Is this Kayla doing the camel slide?

Is this Kayla doing the camel slide?

hair draping cowgirl

Kayla with the hair draping cowgirl

Kayla blowjob on Chad White

This is part of the moisturizing service

Kayla bikini removed

Oh, man… when Kayla’s bikini drops men… um.. pop

Kayla t shirt tits

Kayla can’t help but display those attention-seeking funbags

All right, let’s talk about what was done right in this movie and where there’s room for improvement:

Kayla Kayden

All right, there’s a few ways to evaluate Kayden. Now, she looks like a Playboy bunny centerfold, so… you know, yea… she’s beautiful. I mean… enough said, there.

I mean, as far as pornstars go… as far as the mainstream, beauty standard… I’m hard pressed to think of many that meet these qualifications better than Kayla.

But, Ms. Kayden separates herself with her unexpected—at least to me—dramatic and comedic abilities. And, I’ll be honest with you… maybe this makes me a stupid bastard, but I’m always surprised when a beautiful woman has an excellent sense of humor.

Now, you can call me a no-good, uncivilized bastard for saying that… I know… but, I’m being honest with you folks. I’ve long felt that if you ended-up with a beautiful gal who was also really funny… well, that’s the jackpot in my book.

reverse cowgirl


VR porn instincts

Lately I’ve been using the term VR instincts to describe a woman who seems to intuitively understand how VR works.

That’s to say, on rare occasion, you encounter a female actress who understands how her performance will appear to the man viewer in his headset, and… importantly, she also has a sensibility of the VR horny… that’s to say, she understands the psychology that gets the man motor purring…

And, if you watch this movie, you’ll see I ain’t just typing words here for the heck of it. Kayla has a great intuitive sense of how VR porn works…

Scaling of the 3D

NA’s scaling has gotten good. There was one section where, for whatever reason, the upper frame distorted a bit, but that was brief.

Outdoor lighting

As observed in BaDoink’s Zenda Sexy VR, outdoor lighting produces the most beautiful VR image. At least to my eyeballs.

General Clarity

It’s good. Things start breaking down a bit at distances greater than five feet or so… that doesn’t matter much, though, because the actress should be kept mostly close to the camera anyway.

The action flowed along smoothly. For a few bits, the framerate seemed to drop a bit, but… I don’t know…

General story line

Great stuff. A simple and funny idea. You hire a woman from the Shiny Shaft Dick and Balls Cleaning Service to get your man equipment—as Kayla repeatedly says—really shiny. And, there’s an app for it, too!

You know, I love simple, funny ideas.

VR porn positioning skill

The cowgirl was outstanding and probably the best NA has done yet. Why? Because the camera distance was kept sooooo snug. Well done.

Reverse cowgirl should have leaned back more….

The doggy style still felt too distant. I’d advise they try getting the camera closer to the back of the woman’s head. See how it turns out.

The missionary was, again, probably the best NA has shot to date. Why? Same reason. The camera tightness created the desired sense of immediacy. This could have been improved if they had Kayla prop herself up on her elbows and push her face close towards the camera.

The handjob stuff was also well done because Kayla felt semi-close. And, it was funny. Excellent work, Kayla.

Missed opportunities in this scene

This was great stuff. I’ll go ahead and call this—in my opinion—the best Naughty America VR released to date. Seriously. When I look at all factors, I reach that conclusion.

Still, I’ve got to also discuss the missed opportunities here.

1. Some bikini teasing: C’mon now, boys. You’ve got one of the world’s sexiest women in a bikini! We would like to see more close-up camera angles on Kayla’s bikini body.

2. More close-ups on Kayla’s face.

3. The missionary sequence at the end was too brief. What was there was awesome: which leaves the fella wanting more.

4. As mentioned, imho, the doggy footage doesn’t feel right.

5. Ah, this last point is a little complicated. I’m tempted to skip it. Hell, not many probably made it this far in the article anyway.

Is this Kayla doing the camel slide?

Is this Kayla doing the camel slide?

But, I cannot let myself take the easy way out!

Okay… so, this VR shares a conceptual similarity with Nurse Kagney. How?

Well, it’s written so a beautiful woman is performing an overtly sexual act under the guise of it being a conventional, nonsexual act.


In other words, Nurse Kagney—to diagnose her sick patient—must stick her tongue in his backside to… um… assess his temperature.

Likewise, Kayla’s only handjobbing customer Chad to get his man rod soft and really shiny.

So, the perversely horny sensibility is sexual acts innocently performed for what the woman perceives as a nonsexual purpose.

Now, folks… I ain’t trying to make this complicated for the hell of it.

I’m explaining because this is what makes these two movies horny. …that sexual acts are being naively executed by gorgeous, highly-sexualized women. And, no doubt… this is also what NA is aiming for…

However, with this movie, Kayla breaks character and must cowgirl Chad because she’s now really horny.

I would have preferred they maintained character and had Kayla dialogue about how she must cowgirl the shaft because that was the special shaft shining finishing method… likewise, all of the sexual acts are compelled—not by desire–but, the same silly shaft shining pretext. I could continue, but…

… this should probably end now…

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