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Brandi Love Stepmom VR Porn – THE MILF MASTER!

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Okay, so up today is Ms. Brandi Love starring in Stepmom Screw. I’m guessing you can glean the gist of this scene?

And, Brandi Love, as you already know, is just a master at playing the MILF. I’d call her the MILF MASTER! She is the quintessential mother that you wan to fuck. One of your friends had a mom like this and every dude that came by was dreaming about doing her doggy style. You’ve got to LOVE Brandi LOVE VR PORN!

OH, how surprised and hard you’d get seeing those tanlines on that MILF ass! Hey, it’s just our biology and hormones at work.

I mean…there’s a reason that the MILF expression came into existence in the first place.

Brandi Love VR Porn Pictures

Let’s drop a bunch of pictures and let them do the talking for a bit.

Brandi Love tit fuck eye contact

Are you looking at me?

how to shoot VR missionary

This doesn’t translate so well in a 2D picture, but in 3D this makes for a very horny way to shoot missionary as the woman’s face is also in view and snug to the camera.

Stepmom Screw movie

The happy family’s assembled before Junior doinks Daddy’s gal…

Brandi Love reverse cowgirl

Oh, Mommy!

Brandi Love fucking

Brandi Love missionary with Chad White

Brandi's one horny stepmom

Brandi’s one horny stepmom

Brandi handjob

I wish I could have had a stepmom like this

Look at how damn cute Brandi looks in this picture. Her tits are gorgeous in that tank top…and, she knows it!

Brandi Love eats a twinkie

This pic isn’t from the movie. I just like it.

Brandi Love doggy style

Stepmom doggy look back

Brandi Love cowgirl

Beautiful cowgirl

Brandi's got a beautiful, tan line ass

Brandi’s got a beautiful, tan line ass

Stepmom VR Porn Scene Critique

All right, let’s talk about what was done right in this movie and where there’s room for improvement:
1. Brandi Love: Well, friends… if you’re looking for a Milf-oriented virtual porn… I don’t know, but I can’t think of a better horny mom than Ms. Brandi Love.

2. 27:50 – 28:28 Missionary: This 40 second section demonstrated, in my view, a great way to film missionary footage in VR. Basically, Brandi—propped-up on hands—leaned forward and stuck her face close to the camera: while holding a riveting eye contact.

Well done.

Additionally: the rest of the missionary footage was horny also. It felt big in the right way.

I’d just like to see them do longer segments of the lean-forward missionary (beginning at 27:50). And, I’d like them to keep the big-scaled, lean back sections (also seen in this movie). However, more lean-forward footage would be excellent.

But, evident in the tit-fuck pic below, Brandi’s camera engagement and eye contact is what made this movie shine.

3. Scaling: Let’s discuss scale further. This tends to get complicated because folks use different viewers. Additionally, your face size (distance between eyes) actually affects how your VR scale appears.

With that said, for me… I find NA VR to be scaled—as I often say—slightly big in a good way. This has been my personal, consistent experience.

I like their scale.

The reasonable criticism, though, is that sometimes their scale warps (elongates) for me at the frame’s top. That happened a bit in this movie.

It’s not a deal breaker. That’s to say, it didn’t stop me from enjoying the movie.

4. General clarity: Fine.

5. 3D, sound, color, light: Fine.

6. General story line: I found the whole stepmom set-up to be pretty horny.

7. Positioning: Cowgirl, missionary and doggy. And, they all felt right: that’s no small achievement, because even the difficult-to-shoot VR doggy felt more immediate. I do think there’s still room for improvement, though, in the filming of that position.

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