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Alex Grey VR Porn – You Can’t Sit With Us

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Okay, first a bunch of pictures from Alex Grey in the recent NA VR release, You Can’t Sit With Us.

Alex Grey seduces football captain

Well, hello young lady

Alexa legs spread

Once again: Oh, Alexa!

Picture of the Hand supported missionary face shove

Hand supported missionary face shove

Alex Grey ass up blowjob

Ass up blowjob!

Alex charming the mean girl's boyfriend

Alex charming the mean girl’s boyfriend

Alex Grey reverse cowgirl

Love that skinny ass

Alex realizes taking off her clothes might charm the boyfriend

Alex realizes taking off her clothes might charm the boyfriend

Alex Grey eye contact VR

Alex made some good eye contact in this movie. The VR viewer almost always wants more of it, though.

Alex Grey doggy style

I like this

Alex Grey doggy style

Oh, Alex baby!

Alex Grey looking for a seat

Hey, somebody let Alex sit down already!

Alex Grey plotting in the cafeteria

They tell Alex she can get revenge by fucking the mean girl’s boyfriend

Alex Grey legs spread on desk fucking

Let me clear my desk off!

Alex Grey beautiful face

Now, that’s a beautiful face.

Alex Grey You Cant Sit With Us feature article image at top

A recent Naughty America VR porn starring Alex Grey

All right, let’s talk about what was done right in this movie and where there’s room for improvement:

1. Alex Grey: Well, friends… let’s just get honest here. Alex Grey is a blonde beauty! I mean… there ain’t no denying that.

I mean… you tell me you don’t want this on your desk!

There’s a mainstream beauty standard in our society, and Alex fits it. Yea, I think there’s room for other types! Of course… but, the point is that she’s just what you want in a VR.

I think the gal could probably have gone into conventional modeling. Hey, what

do I know, though?

Anyway, her acting skills ain’t too bad either. Basically, Alex is getting mistreated by the cafeteria mean girls so she seeks out and fucks the lucky bastard (Chad White), who happens to be the mean girl’s boyfriend.

2. Scaling: NA nails some aspects of scaling better than others. For instance, they can hit a close-up sweet spot where the woman’s face appears big in just the right realistic way.

On the downside, there are moments where the scale—at least for me on Gear—can slightly elongate at the frame’s top.

All things considered, though, the scale works for me: particularly in how they’re shooting missionary and doggy these days which feels pleasantly immediate to me.

3. General clarity: Good. Things are less crisp at a distance, but when the actions pulls tight, all is well.

4. 3D, sound, color, light: Only complaint here would be that the lighting, in

my opinion, could be a little better at points.

5. General story line: NA gave us a simple little schoolgirl revenge fantasy narrative that I believe will tickle the perverse imagination of at least a few fellas out there.

6. Positioning: All right, the cowgirl was pretty smoking hot when Alex was upright/leaning in…

The missionary felt right. It felt big and immediate in the desired way.

NA, as I’ve remarked, has gotten better at making the doggy feel closer, too.

The best sexual positions in this movie… that I haven’t seen much in previous VRs was

the missionary where Alex was on the desk supporting herself on her hands and shoving her face close to the camera. Man, this is a good way to shoot sex in VR! I hope we see much more of this…

Here’s the pic again of The Hand supported missionary face shove that can be seen beginning around 30:48 and running until 31:20. I wouldn’t mind if this ran much much longer.

The other great position that I’d like to see much more of is the The Ass up blowjob. This begins at 22:35.

All things considered, a very fun release from NA and Alex!

Take care!

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