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Hot Mom Julia Ann Returns

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All right, let’s talk about what was done right in this movie and where there’s room for improvement:

Julia Ann

Julia Ann as middle class horny mom

Ms. Ann really nails the role of horny and sexy middle class MILF mom.

Okay, so let’s start with Julia Ann.

I like her. You like her. Every heterosexual fella on planet earth likes her.

I mean… we’ve got a pretty-faced, blonde MILF with enormous boobie bouncers and a big, beckoning backside.

And, you slap a cutesy-floral dress on her.

And… I ask you, gentlemen… what’s not to like!

There’s a reason this gal’s pushing towards half-a-million Twitter followers.

Julia Ann’s dramatic abilities

As mentioned, Julia Ann had me sold on the horny, middle-class Milf aspect.

And, if you like the Milf fantasy, then this movie’s for you, because Julia Ann’s dialogue is a real horny treat.

The color looked beautiful…

The color looked better to me: more saturated. Nice. The lighting was fine. Naughty America generally gets those things—and sound, 3D effect, general clarity—correct.


Naughty America’s scale generates some online debate.

Here's an example of cowgirling that feels very immediate... very in-your-face when seen through a VR headset

Here’s an example of cowgirling that feels very immediate… very in-your-face when seen through a VR headset

By scaling, I mean how large the woman appears in your VR viewer.

Generally, what’s desired is the illusion of a realistic, life-like scale.

Now, this is an inexact science because a lot of factors affect how scale appears to you. It’s not just the studio’s cameras and production techniques.

Your particular VR viewer, software and facial structure also influences your scale perception.

With that said, general consensus tends to arise concerning a VR porn studio’s scale. In Naughty’s case, though, there are conflicting opinions.

Some fellas like it. Some, like myself, say it’s slightly big in a good way. I mean that. And, I found it applied once again to this movie.

Some fellas feel that the Naughty scale’s too big.

A Naughty America representative has just suggested they feel their scale needs some fine-tuning.

He added that they’ve just picked-up a brand new VR rig and we’ll start seeing those releases in about a month.

Now, for my part… as one particular guy with my Gear VR set-up and my particular IPD (distance between pupils), I wouldn’t mind if things remained the same.

I like it. No bullshit. When I don’t like it, I say so…


Julia Ann as VR Milf

This horny MILF needs some attention

I’m being straight with you folks. I find the slightly big scale creates a more immediate feeling.

An immediate feeling is a crucial aspect of VR porn.

Some people confuse this with a demand for close-ups, but there’s a difference.

For instance, in this present Julia Ann effort; her blowjob, doggy style and missionary actually felt a bit more immediate than usual. I may not be explaining this right… By immediate, I mean that it just feels right. That’s, perhaps, the best way I can put it.

Ultimately, the viewer wants the movie to feel right.

Scale Distortion/Warping

I was pleased to see that there wasn’t any warping (elongation) in the upper frame.

While some have complained about Naughty’s scale, my criticism has been the upper frame warping I’ve experienced in some of their movies. I think that’s a universally valid criticism.

When the upper frame elongates (generally the woman’s head) that does detract from the VR experience.

Well, none of that here. Julia Ann’s head looked great! And, a nice head it is!


That brings us to the sexual positioning of this movie.

Julia Ann head back cowgirl

Goddess Cowgirl

Well… first, we experienced a libido-enflaming, slightly coquettish, opening dialogue from Julia Ann. Like I said, when the acting is on-point, such dialogues are pure VR gold.

Additionally, we had an extended blowjob/handjob reoccurring sequence, cowgirl, doggy and missionary. All bases covered.

Julia Ann’s cowgirl was in your face, off the charts HORNY! Well done, Ms. Julia Ann!

In the picture directly below, Julia Ann leans back into a position I refer to as Goddess Cowgirl.

The blowjob, doggy and missionary also had more immediacy than usual.

I would have liked, of course, more close-ups on Julia Ann’s face. I’d really like to see a VR porn studio put the camera close to the woman’s face during missionary sex.

Also, when she was wearing the uber horny, black lingerie; I’d have had more close-up footage of her milfy, Victoria Secret styled glory. I do think that was a missed opportunity.

I mean, this lady looks all sorts of fine in lingerie! Truly!

She also looks pretty fucking spectacular in yoga pants: as seen in her first VR appearance:

And, she also looks rather horny inspiring while licking her hand or doing just about anything…

All things considered, if you like VR porn and you like Milfs: here you go.

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